Lois Duncan

Locked in Time

They were beautiful, seductive people, harbouring a secret more terrible than death itself.

‘This is Lisette, I thought incredulously, this is my father’s wife.’

When seventeen-year old Nore Robbins arrives at the old Louisiana plantation home of her father and his new wife, she is prepared for unhappiness. She did not expect her new family to be so different, nor can she understand her own mixed-up feelings about them. Lisette, her new mother, is exotically beautiful, yet Nore senses evil. She finds herself attracted to Lisette’s son, Gabe, but why is he so bitter about life?

As time passes she pieces together a strange and terrible truth about the family; Nore alone is a threat to their secret - and threats must be destroyed.

Locked in Time is compulsive, fast-moving and very chilling. Lois Duncan guarantees suspense and enjoyment.

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