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Music PAL

Music PALAre you a musician, a music researcher, an aspiring composer or a music student? Clare County Library is now a member of the Music PAL scheme which opens doors to a wealth of music resources and will get you into some of the best music libraries anywhere in Ireland. Public libraries, academic libraries and special libraries are all included. The basic purpose of Music PAL is to facilitate access to music information and materials available across a broad range of libraries and archives throughout Ireland. Participating libraries collaborate to provide improved, easy access to the wealth of music resources held in Irish libraries. The scheme is aimed at music researchers, music students, musicians and aspiring composers.

People who want to access a music collection held by an organization which is participating in the scheme may apply for a Music Pal card to allow them to access materials in another library. Any member of Clare County Library with a current membership can be issued with a Music Pal card which is valid for a year. They can then access other libraries subject to the rules and conditions of those libraries. See for a list of the participating libraries and the rules for accessing them. Some of these libraries limit access to those undertaking scholarly research. The participating libraries include public libraries, universities and a number of specialist libraries with music collections. Speak to the librarian at your local library and ask about the Music PAL Access Card.

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