The North Clare Historical Society

Since 1990, the North Clare Historical Society has been promoting and developing interest in local history in its area by means of lectures and projects. A major project carried out by the Society involved the publication of the Minute Books of the Board of Guardians of Ennistymon Union from 1839 to 1850 and the development of a substantial exhibition on, and model of, the Union Workhouse. During the summer of 1996, this exhibition went on display in the Irish American Heritage Museum, Albany, New York.

As part of the Society’s commemoration of the Great Famine, it developed a Limekiln Project to restore a stone structure lime kiln in Kilfenora so as to provide fertilizer for a potato crop, in the traditional manner. The successful lighting of a kiln on the hillside at Ballygownan during the summer generated a lot of excitement in the area when members of the younger generation were able to see at first hand the intricacies involved.