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Wheelers e-books
Borrowbox ebooks
Zinio e-magazines
Proquest newspapers
Mango languages
Universal e-learning courses
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Wheelers e-books
Wheelers eBooks service offers library members free download and usage of a wide range of e-books from one of the world's primary e-book suppliers. Members of Clare County Library can borrow two e-books at a time and hold them for three weeks. To borrow an e-book you will need to sign in first, using your Borrower Barcode Number and your surname. For your Borrower Number type 09P (capital P) & the characters after CEP on your library card e.g. 09P1234567X.
More information about signing in to Wheelers e-books and using the service...

Bolinda BorrowBox e-books
Bolinda Borrowbox Digital e-books and e-audiobooks service offers both E-Audio and E-Books to all library users and these can be enjoyed either on your PC/laptop via the website link (above) or on your mobile device via the BorrowBox app.
More information about Bolinda BorrowBox e-books

Zinio digital magazines offers an interesting range of magazines which can be read online or downloaded to a PC, tablet, iPad, or smartphone. This is a 24/7 online service offering the latest and back issues of some of your favourite magazines with changeable print sizes and viewing options. You will first need to create a Zinio account.
More information about creating your Zinio account and using the service...

Proquest Newspapers
Proquest Online Newspapers features two free databases:
International Newsstand and ProQuest Australia & New Zealand Newsstand.
International Newsstand delivers news from throughout the globe, providing information from nearly 700 of the worlds top newspapers. Access to both regional and local news from countries worldwide enables researchers to compare perspective from news resources closest to where the events originate. ProQuest Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Newsstand offers access to leading Australian and New Zealand newspapers.
More information about Proquest Newspapers...

Mango Languages
Mango Languages is a free online language learning resource that teaches real conversations in over 70 foreign languages. Free mobile apps, language learning through film, and a suite of promotional materials are all also included in Mango. Before you can use the service you will need to create an account or profile on Mango.
More information about creating your Mango Languages account and using the service...

Universal Class e-learning courses
With over 400 courses available Universal Class offers free online e-learning courses for all members of Clare County Library. Continue your lifelong pursuit of knowledge with Universal Class. You will need to create an account with Universal Class before you can use this service.
More information about creating your Universal Class account and using the service...


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