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The Result List contains the results of your search, i.e. link(s) to open the Map Window for a specific map position and / or link(s) to open web page(s) connected with such a map position. It makes no difference if you got these results through a Text Search or by clicking on an interactive map symbol. However, it might be important to understand what a given result list display tells you.
Example 1: You've selected an item in the Text Search list box. There is only one map feature that has this label.
Example 2: You've selected an item in the Text Search list box, but this time there are several map features with the same label. Now the additional information in the bracket might help. (By the way, this additional information are the filters that you could / might have used during the Text Search.) To show or hide such listings click on the folder symbol. When you move the cursor over a listed label the corresponding map disc highlights.
Example 3: You've selected the same item in the Text Search list box as in example 2 but then clicked on one of the orange map discs. This is the easiest way to cut down a long result list - if you can identify your searched item through an obvious position on the map. Note: You can also use this "shortcut" with the "Show only entries of" filter. To undo this selection of the full Text Search result list simply click again on the Text Search list box item.
Example 4: You've selected an item in the Text Search list box similar to example 1 and 2. However, there are more results than can be listed in one go. To get the next / previous results click on the arrow buttons, or narrow the list down to one result by clicking on a map disc as in example 3.