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List Select drop-down box. To start a search choose an appropriate list. Such a list might have to be downloaded first, which would be indicated with a running banner in the status bar. The search form is ready as soon as the (first) list items are displayed in the list box at the end.
Filter Select option boxes and drop-down list box. Usually, each search list comes with a range of filters, i.e. criteria to shorten the complete search list (watch the effect on the list box at the end). When activated, all matching results are also displayed as green interactive discs on the map. These can be used as shortcuts. If a disc lies at the expected map position, simply click on it. Note: The use of filters is optional - you can proceed from the choice of a search list directly to the Search Field text box.
Search Field text box. To find your item in the list, start entering the first characters in the Search Field. The list box underneath will accordingly show less and less items. When the right one comes up, select it. As a result one or more orange interactive discs will appear on the map, one or more results will be listed in the Result Link frame. Note: The image on the left shows a search example without any activated filter.