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Search Window Troubleshooting
White bar under the search list box in the Text Search form.
Reason: A bug in the list box control. Background: The height of the search list box depends on the available screen height. This value is calculated during the web page opening process. The list box control, however, comes with an automatism. It kicks in when ever a height value would result in incomplete last lines. The visible white bar shows how far the list box originally reached before the mechanism reduced the height to avoid such "cut-off" entries. Unfortunately, the web browser fails afterwards to fill the newly vacant space with the usual background colour. Solution: none until the browser supplier will fix the bug.
Map moves out of the picture when resizing the map frame.
Reason: Standard behaviour in unfortunate context. Background: The whole map size expanses or shrinks with the frame size. This dynamic adaptation is the best response when considering the standard and most common use of the search map: to get a whole-map overview of all filter-matching items (green discs) and of all search results (orange discs). However, observe what happens when you continuously change the frame size in one dimension: a given map point will start to wander over the screen. The same effect occurs when you zoom-in and then change the frame size. Solution: use a different strategy. Push the FIT button to see the whole map, change the frame size and then zoom back in on your region.