Townland Search Search Window
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How to find a particular townland if you know the townland name
Select the "Townlands / Towns" search list in the drop-down box.
Select "Complete List" in the filter option box.
Start entering the townland name in the search field.
For example, entering 'a' will list all townlands beginning with 'a'. Entering 'an' will list all townlands beginning with 'an' etc. etc.
Note how the list underneath becomes shorter with every character entered in the the search field.
If the list becomes blank at any point then the name you are searching for is not contained in the list..
Click on the townland name when it appears in the list.
Note the orange disc which appears on the search map indicating the location of the townland.
Click on a link at the bottom of the screen under "Text search matches" to open either the map or web page for the townland.
For details on how to work with the Map Window continue with the Commands Overview.
If your search leads to more than one result
In some cases, like the one on the left, where a name is shared by more than one townland, you will see a number of yellow discs on the search map, and a number of entries in the "Text search matches" list at the bottom of the screen.

Solution A: Identify your townland on the map.
Click on the FIT button in the menu frame if you can't see the whole map.
Note the interactive orange discs on the search map.
Identify the correct orange disc and click on it.
The links to the map and web page for the townland you have selected will appear at the bottom of the screen, headlined "Selected map feature".
Solution B: Look for your townland in the matches list.
Check the parish names in the brackets.
Check the townlands' map positions by moving the cursor over the names.
Click on the folder symbols to show the links to the map and web pages.
If necessary click on the arrow buttons to see the next / previous results.