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Rules for Researchers

  1. Researchers may have access to archives only after they have completed this form.

  2. Access to records is governed by the Archives access policy and material is issued to researchers subject to any specific conditions attached to individual collections.
Clare County Council Crest
  1. No smoking, eating or drinking are permitted in the Reading Room.

  2. Pencils only are to be used for writing. Biros, fountain pens, felt tips and other pens and correction fluids are not permitted in the Reading Room, as they contain substances which can cause serious damage to archives.

  3. Readers must not make any mark on archival material.

  4. Archives must be handled with care and researchers must not fold, tear or mark or harm archives in any way.

  5. Researchers must not interfere with the order of archival material.

  6. Researchers must not remove archives from the reading room.

  7. Photocopying of archives will not be permitted.

I agree to be bound by the access conditions relating to individual conditions and by the rules for reading archives.

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Signature : __________________________
Date : __________________

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