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1914 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Medal

Brendan Considine of Ennis received this medal as a member of the Clare team that beat Laois to win the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final of 1914. His brother William or “Dodger” was also on the team. The final score was Clare 5-1, Laois 1-0. The Clare team on the day was: A. Power (capt.), J. Power, M. Flanagan, E. Grace, T. McGrath, P. McInerney, J. Shalloo, W. Considine, B. Considine, M. Moloney, R. Doherty, J. Fox, J. Clancy, J. Guerin, J. Spellisey.

Brendan Considine was born in the Turnpike in Ennis in 1897. He, along with his brothers William and Turlough, went on to become part of Clare sporting legend. At 17 years of age in 1914, Brendan is thought to be the youngest ever winner of an All-Ireland senior hurling medal. Working with the Munster and Leinster Bank took him around the country where he would don the jersey of the county in which he was posted. In this way he won a medal with Dublin when they won the All-Ireland Hurling Championship in 1917, and three years later he was yet again on the winning side when Cork won the Munster Championship of 1920. He also wore the Waterford colours before returning to play for the Banner County in 1928. Brendan’s brothers William and Turlough, better known as “Dodger” and “Tull” respectively, also achieved great fame in the sporting field.

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The Considine Brothers

1914 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Medal 2006.18

1914 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Medal 2006.18