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Committal Form, Countess Markievicz

This framed and glazed committal form is the original issued, showing the side and front profile of Countess Constance Markievicz on 1st May 1916.

She was captured by the authorities following her involvement in the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916. Her crime in full as detailed on the form reads ‘ Did take part in an armed Rebellion and in waging war against His Majesty the King’. For this, her sentence was Death commuted to Penal Servitude for Life.

Fortunately for her, she was released from prison in 1917, along with the others involved in the Uprising, as the English Government granted a general amnesty at this time to all those involved.

Ref: 2004.27

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Committal Form, Countess Markievicz, Ref: 2004.27

Committal Form, Countess Markievicz, Ref: 2004.27