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Framed and Glazed photograph, East Clare Brigade

This black and white photograph was taken at a reunion of the East Clare Brigade of the Old IRA, at Knappogue Castle on May 8th, 1968.

During the War of Independence Clare County Council held their meetings at Knappogue Castle where they were guarded by the East Clare Flying Column. Michael Brennan, General of the East Clare Brigade also used the castle as his headquarters during that time. The reunion was initiated by Brendan O’Regan, then chairman of Shannon Free Airport Development Company. There is no accompanying list of the people in the photograph. However, there is a list of all the surviving East Clare Brigade men resident in Ireland in 1968 and who out of that list had stated that they would be attending the reunion.

The names of those who intended to go and may therefore appear in the photograph, are: Lieut. Gen. Michael Brennan, Col. Austin Brennan, Col. Jim Hannon, Col. Tom McGrath, Col. Paddy Kiepe, Col. Paddy Quinn, Col. Jim Slattery, Col. Mick Tuohy, Cl. Supt. Harry O’Mara, Capt. Frank Power, Capt. Tom Ringrose, Capt. P.J. Donnellan, Capt. Sean Murnane, Jimmy Brennan, John Butler, Seamus Conneally, Jim Considine, Michael Gleeson, Jackie O’Halloran, John Hamilton, Paddy Hanrahan, John J. Hastings, John McNamara (Newmarket-on-Fergus), John McNamara (Cratloe), Jim McInerney, Tom McMahon, Jim McNamara, Paddy Clancy, Tom McNamara, Michael Moloney, Michael O’Halloran (Snr.), Jack O’Grady, Pat O’Grady, Mick O’Dea, Jack Quinn, Paddy Reilly, James Rochford, Jack Slattery, Paddy Tuohy, Dick Ryan, Miko Grady, Jimmy Lynch, Mick O’Brien, Michael Kelly, Miko Doherty, Michael Stammers, Michael Crimmins, Michael Frawley, Pat Gilligan, Bill Grady, Larry Ryan (Snr.), Denis Moloney, Ned Fennessy, Jimmy Cox, Ned O’Driscoll, Michael Lenihan, Dan Moroney, Jack Lenihan, Jack McInerney, Jack Hayes, Michael Conlon, John Nix, John Ringrose, Pat Enright, Con Enright, Paddy Reidy, James Hurley, Dan Ryan, Frank Gallagher, Patrick McInerney (Fowler), Michael St. Ledger, Martin Ryan, John O’Mara, Pat O’Donnell, Joseph Keely, Pakie Brady, Joseph Leonard, Pat McNamara, Joe Minogue, Thomas J. Noonan, Michael McNamara, Mitchell McNamara, Peter Turner, John Nash, Denis Minogue, John Sheedy, Jim Malone, Michael Kirby, Patrick Moloney, John O’Brien, Miko Tuohy, Edward McLysaght, Sean Hayes, Thomas Hogan, Michael Minogue.

Ref: 2006.1

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Framed and Glazed photograph, East Clare Brigade, Ref 2006.1