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Unsigned account of Frank Butler’s military career with the
Mid-Clare Brigade, Old I.R.A.

This document came from the home of Frank Butler, Station Road, Ennis. Frank was a rates and rent collector with Ennis UDC for forty years, and was retired only one year before his sudden death in 1968. In his younger years he was active in the War of Independence and the Civil War when he served as Company Captain in the Mid-Clare Brigade of the Old IRA.

This is page one of a document that appears to be a record of Frank’s military career, and may have been typed up by Frank himself, as there is a designated space at the end of the document for signatures but it remains unsigned. It states that Frank was Company Captain of Ennis Company and lists 28 military actions that he was involved in. For example on this page we learn that he was involved in the wounding of Col. Murray White at Market Street on the 14 April 1920; that he attempted to shoot White at Drumcliffe and was fired on by Black and Tans on the 1 May 1921; and that he was involved in the Moyriesk Ambush on the 10 September 1921.

Ref: 2005.179.3.1

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Unsigned account of Frank Butler's military career with the Mid-Clare Brigade, Old I.R.A. 2005.179.3.1