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Indenture, William Blackall Browne

With this Indenture, William Blackall Browne of Dromellihy became an apprentice carpenter to Michael Enright of Kilrush, in May 1876. When Browne emigrated about 1880 he took this document with him, He first went to the United States, but did not settle there and instead, travelled on to Australia, where he found employment as a coach builder in Queensland. Later, he left the trade, married, and by 1887 was the proprietor of several hotels. By the 1890's his wife had died in childbirth, and with the economy in depression he retired from hotel life, returning to carpentry and coachbuilding. He married a second time, and when he died in 1934, he was the father of three sons and three daughters. The youngest of these sons, Kevin, is the father of Patricia Mary Brady, Hahndorf, South Australia, and Joanne Margaret Browne, Paddington, Queensland. These sisters have returned the Indenture to Clare from where it originated.

Ref: 2001.182

Pat Brady presents her Grandfathers indenture to
Curator John Rattigan


Law and Order Collection

Indenture, William Blackall Browne (Obverse View) 2001.182

Indenture, William Blackall Browne (Reverse View) 2001.182