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Biddy Early was born in Faha, Feakle in 1798 and became famous throughout Ireland for her cures and premonitions. She always carried a ‘magic bottle’which she used as a type of crystal ball, which was thrown into Kilbarron Lake by Fr. Andrew Connellan upon her death. People travelled from all over the country to visit her and it is said that Daniel O’Connell once visited her for council.

This oil stock is reputed to have been used by Fr Connellan, parish priest of Feakle, to anoint Biddy Early before her death on 22 April 1874. It has three sections for the holy oils of Infirmaria (to anoint sick), Chrism (for confirmation), and Cathecumes (used in baptism).

Biddy Early

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Kilkee Library Exhibition: January - March 2005

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Ref: 2003.1