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Last Letter of Patrick Hennessy

Patrick Hennessy was a Clare Brigade IRA member, executed in Limerick Prison on January 20, 1923, during the Civil War. Written on the eve of his execution it is addressed " Dear Sean, and all the boys", it reads:

" Ye hardly knew tonight that Con and myself are to be executed at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Found guilty on frivolous evidence, of course, our lives sworn away, but we are dying for Ireland still true to the Republic to the last. Money could not buy us. I am leaving my cigarettes to be divided among the Clare Section. A cigarette will go a long way. It will only be a little token of remembrance of me. Distribute them as afar as they will go and say a prayer for me. I think it is your voice I hear singing now. As for me I am in the best of spirit and expect to face death like a soldier and a true Irishman. I forgive my enemies even though they swore my life away. I forgive them from the bottom of my heart, for there is a God to judge them as well as me. It is a thing we all have to face some day and no one can avoid it. Fr (illegible) came to see Con and myself tonight. I am in right good spirit, knowing that I am going to heaven. They can only kill my body, my spirit will live, though the cold silent grave will receive me. We will all meet in heaven. Do not shed tears for me, if you do let them be tears of joy, as there is joy in my heart tonight knowing that I will be with God tomorrow. Goodbye comrades for ever more, P Hennessy."


Ref: 2001.181

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Last Letter of Patrick Hennessy 2001.181