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Gus Tierney Collection

Born in Kilfenora in 1922, Gus Tierney became one of the most renowned musicians from County Clare. Although there was no history of music in his family Gus became very involved in traditional Irish music from a very young age. This was partly because the Kilfenora Ceilí band used to practice in his house, a band which he later joined and helped win the all-Ireland bands competition in 1954.

Gus also won the All-Ireland Title for his fiddle playing and three All-Ireland duet titles on the accordion at various All-Ireland Fleadh Ceol competitions. Gus later became a music teacher and has made an enormous contribution to traditional Irish music in Clare.

Gus Tierney passed away in 2004. His collection of medals and other memorabilia from County, Munster and All-Ireland Fleadhs was donated to Clare Museum by his family.

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