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Royal Navy Uniform Jacket

Fitzgerald Griffith is renowned for recording in sketch form the best known and most tragic collision of ships in the history of the Royal Navy between HMS Victoria – the flagship of the British Mediterranean Fleet - and HMS Camperdown, on 22nd June 1893. It was his drawings of this tragic event, witnessed first hand from a nearby ship, that were used by all the leading newspapers of the day.

His father was the Rev Julius Griffith, who served as Rector of Drumcliffe Union, Killaloe, from 1884. Rev Griffith was a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1851 followed by a Masters Degree in 1877. He married Elizabeth Mac Pherson on 12th April 1860 in St. Jude’s Chapel Glasgow. The couple had six sons and four daughters and the family lived in the Rectory at No 1 Bindon Street, Ennis.

Ref: 2004.30.1

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Royal Navy Uniform Jacket, Ref: 2004.30.1