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Wedding Dress

This wedding dress belonged to Marguerite Violet Gwendoline Griffith, born on the 25th February 1878 in Limerick and died on 10th November 1960 at Kinnitty Rectory, County Offaly. Her father was the Rev Julius Griffith, who served as Rector of Drumcliffe Union from 1884 and who lived at the rectory at 1, Bindon Street, Ennis.

The dress is full floor length with fitted bodice jacket. The idea of the two piece outfit would be to maximise the wearability of the outfit after the wedding. The lady’s trousseau, or bottom drawer, collected prior to the wedding would have included blouses for wearing with the skirt after the wedding. Many retailers would have advertised themselves as specialist trousseau suppliers. The white wedding was an important indicator of property and conspicuous consumption.

Ref: 2004.28

Church of Ireland, Ennis
Textiles Collection

Wedding Dress, Ref: 2004.28

Wedding Dress, Ref: 2004.28