Death and Burial

The objects listed below are all associated
with rituals linked to death and burial. Some of
these objects come from the
National Museum of Ireland Collection
and are
associated with ancient burial practices and
include human remains and votive offerings.
Others are more modern and are associated
with the cult of remembrance.

Registration No. Object Provenance
E25:01 Bone Point Poulawack
E25:04 Pottery Sherd Poulawack
E25:05 Hollow Flint Scraper Poulawack
E351:unreg Pelvis Bone Poulnabrone
E351:8 Arrowhead Poulnabrone
E351:10 Bone Pin Fragment Poulnabrone
E351:11 Polished Stone Axe Poulnabrone
E351.13 Quartz Crystal Poulnabrone
E351:23 Stone Disc Bead Poulnabrone
E351:24 Bone Pendant Poulnabrone
E351:29 Arrowhead Poulnabrone
E351:36 Concave Chert Scraper Poulnabrone
E351:37 Chert Scraper Poulnabrone
E351:41 Quartz Crystal Poulnabrone
E351.45 Chert Scraper Poulnabrone
E351:49 Stone Disc Bead Poulnabrone
98E0230:11 Arrowhead Parknabinnia
98E0230:31 Arrowhead Parknabinnia
98E0230:54 Convex Scraper Parknabinnia
98E0230:19a Pottery Sherd Parknabinnia
98E0230:19b Pottery Sherd Parknabinnia
98E0230:22a Pottery Sherd Parknabinnia
351:28 Arrowhead Parknabinnia
2000.184 Memorial Card for General Michael Collins Cork
2000.185 Memorial Card for Terence Mac Swiney Cork
2002.61 Martin Devitt Plaque Inagh
2002.131 Robert Keane: Lock of Hair Clare
2003.1 Oil Stock Feakle
2003.38 Memorial Card Kilmihil
2003.39 Memorial Christmas Card Unlocalised