Local Government

Listed below are artefacts in the Clare Museum
collection related to local government in Clare.
Relevant to this list are items relating to the County
Grand Jury system, an early organisation responsible
for the administration of the county which was
displaced by another authority introduced under the
Local Government Act 1898, the Clare County
Council. This Act also led to the formation of the
Ennis Urban District Council, a body that succeeded
the long defunct Corporation of Ennis and the Ennis
Town Commissioners. Ennis Urban District Council was
recently renamed Ennis Town Council.


Registration No. Object Provenance
CPM: 1952:257/1-4 Deputy Lieutenant of Clare Uniform Cork
2000.90 Seal of the Borough of Ennis Ennis
2000.220 Fergus Drainage Scheme Receipt Ennis
2001.160 Scariff District Council Stamp Scariff
2002.63 Kilkee Town Commissioners Plaque Kilkee
2002.118 Scariff Hospital Linen Bag Dublin
2002.123 Driving Licence, 1914-15
Driving Licence, 1915-16

2004.19 Death Certificate Corofin
2006.13 Traffic Warden's Raincoat Ennis
2006.14 Traffic Warden's Jacket Ennis
2006.15 Traffic Warden's Coat Ennis
2006.16 Traffic Warden's Jacket Ennis
2006.16 Traffic Warden's Jacket Ennis