National Museum of Ireland,
Irish Antiquities Division Collection

The following artifacts have been
generously given on loan to Clare Museum
by the Irish Antiquities Division of the National
Museum of Ireland.


Registration No. Object Provenance
1933: 1261 Stone Axehead (limestone) Ballyportry South
1958: 110 Polished Stone Axehead Caherconnell
1958: 111 Polished Stone Axehead Caherconnell
1942: 1595 Stone Axehead Nooan
1942: 1596 Stone Axehead Nooan
1942: 1597 Stone Axehead Nooan
1954: 25 Stone Axehead Croghraghan
1959: 685 Polished Stone Axehead Croagh North
1946: 334 Stone Axehead Ballykeel
1947: 31 Stone Axehead Cappafeean
E25:4 Pottery Shard Poulawack
E25:5 Flint Scraper Poulawack
E25:1 Bone Point Poulawack
1962:61 Mace Head (Perforated) Coolvawn, Doonbeg
1961:162 Flint Arrowhead (hollow based) Doolough, Kilmurry Ibrickane
P1949:6 Axehead (flat/copper) Keevagh, Quin
1945: 152 Slate Spearhead O'Briens Bridge
1966: 149 Perforated Mace Head Raheen, Tuamgraney
1930:227 Flint Arrowhead Carrowduff
E4:113 Saddle Quern Cahercommaun
1974:87 Stone Arrowhead Calluragh
1974:73 Stone Arrowhead Knockacarn
1967:240 Stone Arrowhead Crossmore
1931: 346 Stone Arrowhead Kilshanny
1937:2775 Saddle Quern Rubbing Stone Newmarket
1930:215 Battle Axe Teergonean
E351:24 Bone Pendant Poulnabrone
E351: 10 Mushroom-headed Bone Pin Poulnabrone
E351:11 Polished Stone Axe Poulnabrone
E351:23 Stone Disc Bead Poulnabrone
E351:49 Stone Disc Bead Poulnabrone
E351:13 Quartz Crystal Poulnabrone
E351:41 Quartz Crystal (worked) Poulnabrone
E351:8 Arrowhead (hollow based) Poulnabrone
E351:28 Arrowhead Leaf Shaped Poulnabrone
E351:29 Arrowhead Leaf Shaped Poulnabrone
E351:36 Concave (hollow) Scraper Poulnabrone
E351:37 Chert Side Scraper Poulnabrone
E351:45 Chert Scraper Poulnabrone
E351: unreg Pelvis Bone with embedded arrowhead tip Poulnabrone
98E230:54 Convex Scraper Parknabinnia (Court Tomb)
98E230:48 Blade Parknabinnia
98E230:11 Arrowhead Parknabinnia
98E230:31 Arrowhead Parknabinnia
E15N11 Debitage Parknabinnia
98E230:19a Pottery, body sherd Parknabinnia
98E230:19b Pottery, body sherd Parknabinnia
98E230:22a Pottery, body sherd Parknabinnia
98E230:35 Bone Bead Parknabinnia
96E61:25, 27, 31, 46, 145, 161, 163, 197, 200, 204-5, 212, 242, 245-6, 248, 256-8, 262, 264, 270-1, 307-8, 325-6, 336, 411 Convex Scrapers Roughan Hill
95E61:154, 203, 216 6, 251, 341, 406 Utilized Flakes Roughan Hill
95E61:318, 333, 396 Blades Roughan Hill
95E61:156 Arrowhead Roughan Hill
95E61:157 Arrowhead Roughan Hill
95E61:422 Drill/Punch Roughan Hill
95E61:158 Pounder/Grinders Roughan Hill
95E61:159 Pounder/Grinders Roughan Hill
95E61:160 Polished Stone Chisel Roughan Hill
95E61:283, 283 a-d, 291a, 713, 803 a-f Debitage
4 cores,19 Flakes, 55 Shatter, 5 Chunks
Roughan Hill
95E61:425 Shaped Siltstone Roughan Hill
95E61:352 Ground Pebble Roughan Hill
95E61:244, 273 Bone Tools Roughan Hill
95E61:7-12, 15, 169, 174, 178-9, 183, 190, 192 Pottery Roughan Hill
95E61:911 Pottery Roughan Hill
95E61:105 8 Charred Hazel Nut Shells Roughan Hill
95E61:124 Fossil Roughan Hill
5E61:841-5 Pottery Sherds (wall section) Roughan Hill
95E61:800 Grinder Roughan Hill
E4:64 Sheep Shears Cahercommaun
1907:101 Bronze Trumpet Moyarta, Kilkee
1907: 102 Bronze Trumpet Moyarta, Kilkee
1907:104 Bronze Trumpet Moyarta, Kilkee
934:5687 Bronze Socketed Spearhead Killaloe
1934:157 Bronze Socketed Spearhead Killaloe
1934:149 Bronze Pin Killaloe
1935:340 Bronze Spear Butt with Wooden Fragment Killaloe
1942:70 Bronze Sword Nooan
1966:104 Bronze Sword, flange-hilted Kilkee
R507 Bronze Socketed Axehead Laherdan, Tulla
R508 Bronze Socketed Axehead Laherdan, Tulla
R511 Bronze Ring Laherdan, Tulla
R509 Bronze Sunflower Ring Laherdan, Tulla
R510 Bronze Bracelet Laherdan, Tulla
P1953:69 Spear Head, Bronze, Looped Alva Bog, Kilmacduane
P1942:1780 Spear Head, Bronze, Looped County Clare
1959:11 Spear Head, Bronze, Looped Maghera
1947:227 Spear Head, Bronze, Looped Boghill
1930:119 Spear Head, Looped, With Fragments Ballcugarrow
1881:161 Palstave, Bronze, Looped ?County Clare
1942:75 Bronze Socketed Bag-Shaped Axehead Booltiaghadine
1942:76 Bronze Razor Booltiaghadine
1942:42a Bronze Chisel Booltiaghadine
1974:32 Decorated Bronze Axehead, Flanged Lough Reavac
1974:31 Bronze Socketed Spearhead Killaloe?
1974:34 Bronze Palstave Killaloe?
1967:106 Bronze Dagger Gortaclare
1974:29 Bronze Leaf Shaped Sword Killaloe
1931:232 Sunflower Pin Booleybrien
1931:236 Small Plain Bronze Ring Booleybrien
1931:237 Small Plain Bronze Ring Booleybrien
1931:238 Bronze Ring Booleybrien
1931:239 Bronze Ring Booleybrien
1931:240 Bronze Ring Booleybrien
1931:235 Sword Handle Fragment Booleybrien
1931:233 Bronze Socketed Axehead Booleybrien
1931:234 Bronze Socketed Axehead Booleybrien
1931:220 Horn (Trumpet) Booleybrien
1931:221 Chain Booleybrien
1931:313 Bronze Bridal Pendant Ballyalla
1986:2 Rowel Spur Ballyvalley
WK100 Iron Spur Dangan Bog
E4:46 Bone Point Cahercommaun
E4:61 Polished Bone Needle Cahercommaun
E4:74 Stone Hone Perforated Cahercommaun
E4:623 Bone Spindle Whorl Cahercommaun
E4:641 Stone Spindle Whorl Cahercommaun
E4:97 Bill Hook Cahercommaun
E4:261 Bronze Pin, Ring-Headed (omega) Cahercommaun
E4:249 Bone Comb Cahercommaun
E4:207 Bone Gaming Piece Cahercommaun
E4:165 Iron Bodkin Cahercommaun
E4:381 Iron Bodkin Cahercommaun
E4:240 Iron Knife Blade Cahercommaun
E4:102 Iron Lock Cahercommaun
E4:450 Bronze Stud Cahercommaun
E4:471 Glass Bead (blue) Cahercommaun
E4:593 Dumbbell Bead (blue) Cahercommaun
E4:601 Peg made of antler Cahercommaun
E4:603 Bone Spear Head Cahercommaun
E4:609 Bone Point Cahercommaun
E4239b Iron Hook Cahercommaun
E4:87 Head of iron ringed pin Cahercommaun
E4:84 Polished Bone Pin Cahercommaun
E4:62 Polished Bone Pin Cahercommaun
E4:24 Iron Ringed Pin Cahercommaun
E4:14 Piece of Worked Antler Cahercommaun
E4:45 Spindle Whorl Cahercommaun
E4:21 Spindle Whorl Cahercommaun
E4:40 Spindle Whorl Cahercommaun
E4:571 Iron Shears Cahercommaun
E4:356 Bronze Pin Cahercommaun
E4:248 Decorated Bone Cahercommaun
E4:679 Iron Awl Cahercommaun
E4:362 Iron Pin Cahercommaun
E4:363 Iron Pin Cahercommaun
E4:246 Iron Score Cahercommaun
E4:98 Iron Ferrule Cahercommaun
E4:32 Bone Pin Cahercommaun
1941:0721 Hanging Bowl Dereen
1941:0723 Bucket Dereen Bog
1A/104/92 Stone Carving of Head Kilmacreehy
1960:511 Large Basin Dereen
E180:943, 949, 1031 1034 Amphora Sherds Iniscealtra
E108:1038 E-ware Sherds Iniscealtra
E108:988 Decorated Quern Stone Iniscealtra
E108:989 Chi-Rho Slab Iniscealtra
E108.1111 Animal Head, Romanesque Iniscealtra
E108.1139 Cross Incised Slab Iniscealtra
E108:1029 Ornamental Cross Slab Iniscealtra
E108:1027 Cross fragment worked stone ring Iniscealtra
E108.1020 Cross Incised Slab Iniscealtra
E108:1110 Stone Cross, fragment Iniscealtra
E108:990 Fragment of Stone Cross Iniscealtra
E108:1062 Decorated Slab Fragment Iniscealtra
E108:1056 Decorated Slab Fragment Iniscealtra
E108:1030 4 rims and 2 body sherds-red buff ware-interior yellow glaze Iniscealtra
E108:1036 Base Sherd of Tudor Pot Iniscealtra
1928:768 Bell Corcomroe
1A/179/89 Stone Head Glencolumkill
1942:1834 Sheela-na-gig Ballyportry
1960: 624 Cross Slab Illaunmore
1A/100:1987 Cross Slab Illaunmore
1960: 622 Cross Slab Illaunmore
1960:623 Cross Slab Illaunmore
1946: 353 Two Handled Wooden Mether Cahermurphy Bog
1962:70 Wooden Spade Gortygeehan Bog
1965:47 Bog Butter Boghill
1971:1108 Wooden Boat Rib Teeroneer
1948:319 Pair of Leather Shoes Terryglass Bog
1963:76 Sole of Leather Shoe Bog at Corrofin
P1189 Child's Leather Shoe ?County Clare
1936:1775 Fragment of Woollen Cloth Boghill
1936:1776 Fragment of Woollen Cloth Boghill
1936:1777 Fragment of Woollen Cloth Boghill
X5 Pair of Leather Shoes ?County Clare
E35:7 Quern Stone Knocknalappa
E35:11 Quern Stone Knocknalappa
1936:1974 Bronze Sword Knocknalappa
1936:1975 Bronze Gouge Knocknalappa
1936:1976 Stone Axehead Knocknalappa
E30:38 Pottery Sherds Knocknalappa
E30:4 Bronze Ring Knocknalappa
E30:5 Bronze Pin Knocknalappa
E30:6 Lignite Bracelet Knocknalappa
E30:9 Rubbing Stone Knocknalappa
E30:10 2 Potsherds Knocknalappa
E30:14 Potsherd Knocknalappa
E30:18 Whetstone Knocknalappa
E30:19 Bone Knife Knocknalappa
E30:22 Amber Bead Knocknalappa
E30:23 Amber Bead Knocknalappa
E30:24 Amber Bead Knocknalappa
E25:31 Wire Bracelet Knocknalappa
E30:20 6 Perforated Bones Knocknalappa
E30:30 Flint Flake Knocknalappa
1935:793 Stone Spindle Whorl Termon
1935:426 Bronze Ring Pin Boghill
E30:25 Bronze Bead Knocknalappa
E30:27 Bone Spindle Whorl Knocknalappa
E30:28 2 Bone Fragments Knocknalappa
E30:34 Worked Bone Fragment Knocknalappa
E30:35 Worked Bone Fragment Knocknalappa
E30:36 Worked Bone Fragment Knocknalappa
E30:11 Quern Stone Fragment Knocknalappa
E30:12 Sandstone Hammer Stone Knocknalappa
E30:13 Hammer Stone Knocknalappa
E30:15 Hammer Stone Knocknalappa
E30:16 Lignite Bracelet Fragment Knocknalappa
1955:18 Stone Perforated Disc (line sinker) Killaloe
1934:5730 Line Sinker Killaloe
1934:5737 Line Sinker Killaloe
1934:10849 Stone Line Sinker Killaloe
1934:10850 Stone Line Sinker Killaloe
1934: 5709 Stone Line Sinker Killaloe
1934:5710 Stone Line Sinker Killaloe
1934:5711 Stone Line Sinker Killaloe
1912:10 15 Polished Stone Axes Killaloe
1934:10841 Bronze Dagger Killaloe
1934:197 Bronze Sword River Shannon, Killaloe
1934:102 Spearhead, Bronze Socketed River Shannon, Killaloe
1934:72 Bronze Sword River Shannon, Killaloe
1934:158 Bronze Rapier River Shannon, Killaloe
1974:30 Bronze Sword Killaloe


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