National Museum of Ireland,
Irish Folklife Division Collection

The following artifacts have been
generously given on loan to Clare
Museum by the Irish Folklife Division
of the National Museum of Ireland.


Registration No. Object Provenance
F1934.28 Flail Bunratty
F1956.163 Hackle Ballyteige
F1988.561 Quernstone unprovenanced
F1986.251 Turned Bowl Kilmihil
F1986.242 Turned Bowl Kilmihil
F1986.252 Turned Bowl Kilmihil
F1986.241 Turned Bowl Kilmihil
F1986.240 Turned Bowl Kilmihil
F1970.270 Butter Dish Kilmihil
F1970.271 Butter Dish Kilmihil
F1951.84 Noggin Kilmihil
F1949.329 Spade Tulla
F1959.48 Line Twister Liscannor
F1949.367 Slane Ennistymon
1909.69 Bridget's Cross Doonmore
F1934.38 Tongs unprovenanced
F1970.297 Griddle Binvoran, Kilmihil
F1932.125 Sieve unprovenanced
F1966.263 Scuttle Liscannor
F1968.304 Losset Kilmihil
F1930.45 Creel Ennistymon
F1930.48 Calf Basket Kilmihil
F1968.343 Pot Oven Ennis
F1943.260 Eel Spear Lake Inchiquin