Parknabinnia Collection

Parknabinnia court tomb is located on Roughan Hill
in the Burren, a rich final Neolthic/Early Bronze Age
landscape. It was excavated in the late 1990’s and
the finds listed below were generously loaned to
Clare Museum by the Irish Antiquities Division of
the National Museum of Ireland.

[Parknabinnia] Court Tomb
Database of Irish Excavations Report: Parknabinnia

Registration No. Object
98E0230:19a Pottery Sherd
98E0230:19b Pottery Sherd
98E0230:22a Pottery Sherd
98E0230:11 Arrowhead
98E0230:54 Convex Scraper
351:28 Arrowhead
98E0230:31 Arrowhead
98E0230:48 Chert Blade