Poulnabrone Collection

Poulnabrone portal tomb or dolmen is one of the
best known ancient tombs in Ireland. Excavations
at the site uncovered the objects listed below and
carbon 14 analysis placed the tombs use to
between 3,800 – 3,600 BC.

These finds were generously loaned to Clare
Museum by the Irish Antiquities Division of the
National Museum of Ireland.

[Poulnabrone] Portal Tomb

Registration No. Object
E351:unreg Pelvis Bone
E351:8 Arrowhead
E351.10 Bone Pin Fragment
E351.11 Polished Stone Axe
E351.13 Quartz Crystal
E351:23 Stone Disc Bead
E351:24 Bone Pendant
E351:29 Arrowhead
E351:36 Concave Chert Scraper
E351:37 Chert Scraper
E351:41 Quartz Crystal
E351.45 Chert Scraper
E351:49 Stone Disc Bead