Projects: Preserving the Past for the Future: Ennistymon Hospital and Daycare Centre

Kathleen Hurley, Dysart O’Dea, Corofin

Hassetts mineral water company were once located in Lifford, Ennis. On this bottle, the two indents on the sides of the neck are from the metal holder that went over the top and would have clasped onto the sides. There is a marble in the neck of the bottle that rolls up to the bottle mouth when it is turned upside-down, to prevent liquid from spilling out.

The box iron was used to iron clothes. An opening at the back allows a solid block in the shape of the iron to be inserted. When people ironed, they had two of these solid blocks. When one was red it was put inside the iron. While the iron was being used, the second block would be heating, and would be ready for use by the time the first one had cooled.

This iron was of a type used before the advent of electricity. Electricity came into Irish households in the 1950’s. Kathleen remembers electricity coming into her house in about 1956. Nearby Corofin was connected about 1953.



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Kathleen Hurley, Dysart O’Dea, Corofin