Stone Axe Collection

The following is a list of stone axes
currently in the collection at Clare Museum.


Registration No. Object Provenance
1933.1261 Polished Stone axe Ballyportry South
1942.1596 Ground Stone axe Nooan
1946.344 Polished Stone Axe Ballykeel
1947.31 Polished Stone Axe Cappafeean
1958.111 Polished Stone Axe Caherconnell
1958.1597 Polished Stone Axe Nooan
E351:11 Polished Stone Axe Poulnabrone
1999.1 Stone Axe Kilbrechin, Dooragh
2003.8 Ground Stone Axe Doolin
2003.9 Polished Greenstone Axe Doolin