Tools and Equipment Collection

Listed here are archaeological artifacts
from the National Museum of Ireland,
Irish Antiquities Division collection,
the Delaney Collection and Folklife objects
from the Riches of Clare Exhibition and the
museums stores.

Registration No. Object Provenance
E25:01 Bone Point Poulawack
E25:05 Hollow Flint Scraper Poulawack
E351:11 Polished Stone Axe Poulnabrone
E351:36 Concave Chert Scraper Poulnabrone
E351:37 Chert Scraper Poulnabrone
E351:45 Chert Scraper Poulnabrone
98E0230:48 Chert Blade Parknabinnia
98E0230:54 Convex Scraper Parknabinnia
98E230:800 Grinder Roughan Hill
95E61 25,27,31,46,145,161,
Convex Scrapers
Roughan Hill
95E61:158 Grinder/ Pounder Roughan Hill
95E61:159 Grinder/ Pounder Roughan Hill
95E61:160 Polished Stone ‘’Chisel’’ Roughan Hill
95E61:162 Grinder/ Pounder Roughan Hill
95E61:244,273 Bone Tools Roughan Hill
95E61:318,333,396 Blades Roughan Hill
95E61:422 Drill/Punch Roughan Hill
95E61:425 Siltstone Spatulate Object Roughan Hill
E4:64 Sheep Shears Cahercommaun
E4:113 Saddle Quern Cahercommaun
1933.1261 Polished Stone Axe Ballyportry South
1937:2775 Rubbing Stone
1942:1595 Stone Axehead Nooan
1942:1596 Ground Stone Axe Nooan
1945:152 Slate Spearhead O’ Briens Bridge
1946:344 Polished Stone Axe Ballykeel
1947:31 Polished Stone Axe Cappafeean
P1949:6 Flat Copper Axehead Quin
1954:25 Stone Axehead Croghraghan
1959:685 Polished Stone Axehead Croagh North
1958:110 Polished Stone Axe Caherconnell
1958:111 Polished Stone Axe Caherconnell
1958:1597 Polished Stone Axe Nooan
1974:32 Decorated Bronze Axehead Lough Reavac
1999.1 Stone Axe Dooragh
2000.209 Blacksmith's Tongs Kilnaboy
2000.210 Horseshoe Kinaboy
2000.282 Storm Lantern Kilkee
2000.316 Milk Separator Ennis
2000.249 Shoemakers Last Miltown Malbay
2000.286 Seaweed Crook Quilty
2000.309 Saddle Back Quern Stone Kilmacreehy
2001.169 Hayknife Mullagh
2001.179-180 Carding Paddles Mullagh
2003.8 Ground Stone Axe Doolin
2003.9 Polished Green Stone Axe Doolin
2003.10 Patinated Tertiary Flint Flake with Striking Platform
2003.11 PatinatedTertiary Fragment of a Flint Flake
2003.12 Patinated Tertiary Flint Flake with Striking Platform
2003.13 Patinated Tertiary Flint Flake with Striking Platform
2003.14 Secondary Struck Chert Flake Doolin
2003.15 Tertiary Flint Scraper Doolin
2003.18 Hammerstone Doolin
2003.19 Elongated Regular Pebble Doolin
2003.20 Hone Stone Doolin
2003.21 Hammerstone, used all round Doolin
2004.10 Poster Type Set Ennis
2004.11 Saddle Back Quern Ennistymon
2004.12 Rubbing Stone for Saddle Back Quern Ennistymon
2004.14 Medicine Spoon Ennis