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Pelvis Bone

This Pelvis (hip bone) from an adult male was found by archaeologists at Poulnabrone portal tomb (or dolmen) in County Clare. This tomb was in use during the Neolithic and radiocarbon dates place its use between 3,800 - 3,600 BC. Consisting of a single chamber, it contained disarticulated bones of 21 Neolithic men, women and children and also the bones of animals such as cattle, pig, sheep\goat and dog.

Embedded in this pelvis bone is an arrowhead. It shows no trace of either healing or infection so we know it occurred at the time of death.

Ref: E351:unreg

Photograph appears courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland

Database of Irish Excavations Reports
Iceman Murdered with Arrowhead
Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Age 12000 to about 5000 BC

Pelvis Bone E351:unreg
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