Riches of Clare Exhibition - Power collect, preserve, interpret and display the material culture relating to the history of County Clare, both in the museum building and online,
as an educational resource and a socially inclusive cultural service for the people of Clare and visiting tourists.

Atmosphere Shot of the Power Section

This section deals with the symbols of power to be found in the county. In Clare these range from the dramatic Mooghaun hillfort to the numerous castles and towerhouses in the county. Land is one of the most potent sources of power and here the major influences of control over the land are examined. The influence of the O'Briens, and the emergence of Eamon de Valera as a political figure is also dealt with here.

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Trenching Tool 2001.18

James II Gunmoney  2000.282-283

Ennis Banks Notes 2001.15-16

Signalling Equipment 2000.30

Field Telephone 2000.31
Royal Irish Constabulary Helmet 2000.35 / Dublin Metropolitan Police Baton 2000.36
Blood Pact 2000.101
De Valera Telegram 2000.18
New Zealand Tribal Club 2000.277
Bayonet and Scabbard 2000.144
Revolver 2000.171
Bayonet 2001.140
Seal of the Borough of Ennis 2000.90
Wooden Fork 2000.105
Red Cross Gold Medal 2001.9 / Letter from King George 2001.20
IRA Proclamation 1919 2000.195
Poem by Eamon de Valera 2000.104
1939-1945 War Service Medal 2000.317
1914-1918 War Service Medal 2000.319
Clare Militia Buckle 2000.40
Italy Star Medal 2001.6
Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Nursing Service Medal 2001.8
Africa Star Medal 2001.5
Clare Militia Badge 2000.38
Letter from Charles Stewart Parnell 1882 2000.191
Clare Regiment Buckle 2000.38
Scariff District Council Stamp 2001.160
Webley Revolver 2000.29
Ammunition from Howth Gun Running 2000.170 / Medal 1924 2000.149
Ypres Banner 2000.166
Republican Autograph Book 2000.158
Republican Autograph Book 2000.158
Republican Autograph Book 2000.158
Republican Autograph Book 2000.158
Republican Autograph Book 2000.158
Republican Autograph Book 2000.158
Republican Autograph Book 2000.158
Eamon de Valera Badge, 2000.108
Silver Ring, 2000.139
Military Cap, 2000.146
Memorial Card for General Michael Collins, 2000.184
Memorial Card for Terence Mac Swiney, 2000.185
Note From Black and Tans, 2000.18
Constabulary Gazette, 2000.187
Daniel O'Connell's coat Ref: 2000.115
Deputy Lieutenant of Clare, Uniform, Ref: CPM:1952:257/1-4
Ralahine Cream Jar, Ref: 2000.287
.22 “Savage” Rifle, 2000.204
De Valera Banner, Ref: 2000.117
Booleybrien Hoard, Ref: 1931:220, 221, 232, 234-240
Bronze Horn, 1907:102/104
Bronze Horn, 1907:101
Bronze Socketed Spearhead, 1934:157
Bronze Socketed Spearhead, 1934:5687
Bronze Sword, 1942:70
Bronze Sword, flange hilted, 1966:104
Bronze Socketed Axehead, R507
Bronze Socketed Axehead, R508
Sword Handle Fragment, 1931:235
Bronze Bracelet, R510
Bronze Ring, R511
Bronze Spearhead, looped, P1953:69
Bronze Spearhead, looped, P1942: 1780
Bronze Spearhead, looped, 1959:11
Bronze Spearhead, looped, 1947:227
Spearhead, looped, with fragments, 1930:119
Bronze Socketed Bag-shaped Axehead, 1942:75
Bronze Razor, 1942:76
Bronze Socketed Spearhead, 1974:31
Bronze Palstave, 1974:34
Bronze Socketed Axehead, 1931:234
Sunflower Pin, 1931:232
Small Plain Bronze Ring, 1931:236
Small Plain Bronze Ring, 1931:237
Bronze Sunflower Pin, R509
Bronze Ring, 1931:239
Bronze Ring, 1931:240
Bronze Ring, 1931:238
Bronze Socketed Axehead, 1931:233
Bronze Leaf Shaped Sword, 1974:29
Trumpet, 1931:220
Chain, 1931:221
Palstave, Bronze, looped, 1881:161