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Fergus Drainage Scheme Receipt

The river Fergus runs through the heart of Ennis. This drainage scheme receipt was made out to the Sister’s of Mercy, Ennis, and dates from 26 July, 1899. In that year the congregation paid the sum of 2 shillings and 9 pence towards the drainage scheme.

During the Famine era the British government initiated many schemes of large engineering works around Ireland. These initiatives were intended to provide employment for people during times of severe distress and poverty. In Ennis a scheme for widening the Fergus and enhancing the navigation of the river was conceived. All of the riparian landowners in the years ahead would have had to pay contributions to the government for the maintenance of the river banks and the overall improvement works which would ultimately benefit their land by way of better drainage. The Sisters of Mercy would have been large landowners in the Clonroad area of Ennis.

On loan from the Sisters of Mercy, Ennis.

Ref: 2000.220

Fergus Drainage Scheme Receipt, Ref: 2000.220
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