Riches of Clare Exhibition - Water collect, preserve, interpret and display the material culture relating to the history of County Clare, both in the museum building and online,
as an educational resource and a socially inclusive cultural service for the people of Clare and visiting tourists.

Atmosphere Shot of the Water Section

Clare is a county with close links to water. The concept of River Shannon and Atlantic Ocean combining to turn Clare almost into an island is explored broadly in this section. This water has influenced the settlement of the county and the relationship between people and the environment. Throughout time water has been used by Clare people for travel, transport, food, pleasure, and sacred purposes.

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Stone Axe 1999.1
Medical Chest 2000.238
Chamberlain Pen 2000.89
Armada Chest 2001.148
Enamel Bottle Top 2000.156 / Glass Mineral Water Bottle 2001.155
Armada Door 2000.87
Currach 2000.15
Fishing Board, 2000.203
Depth Charge Pistol 2000.169
Hazelthorne Mine 2000.174
Seaweed Crook 2000.286
Eel Spear, 2000.201
Boxer Rising Medal 2000.109
Postcard 2000.129 / Passenger List 2000.128 / Letter 2000.135
Eel Spear, 2000.202
Fergus Drainage Scheme Receipt, Ref: 2000.220
Mineral Water Bottle, 2000.75
Storm Lantern, Ref: 2000.282
Storm Lantern, Ref: 2000.283
Canon, Ref: 2000.235
Lifering from The Leon, Ref: 2000.142
Log Boat (Replica), Unreg
Two All Ireland Junior Football Medals