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Archaeology of the Burren: Prehistoric Forts and Dolmens in North Clare by Thomas Johnson Westropp

Part IV: Glasha Group: Footnotes

1. P.R.O.I., Peyton, p. 180.

2. C.S.P.I., 1588: see ‘Journal’, vol. xix., p. 131.

3. Volume xli., p. 89.

4. Report 14, D.K.R. – Fiants, 4263.

5. Dublin Register of Deeds, B. 24, p. 320. Cahirgunine, probably in Tirgonine, and Carhuenemanagh, near Killilagh Church.

6. First described by Borlase (‘Dolmens of Ireland’, vol. i., p. 80).

7. Dublin Register of Deeds, B. 1, p. 425.

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9. Journal’, vol. xxx., p. 287; ‘Proc. R.I.A.’, vol. vi., Ser. III., p. 135.

10. Volume xxxi., p. 437.

11. Bronze implements were found on the shore below the fort.

12. Volume xxx., p. 289.

13. For this section of my Paper I have to thank not only (as so often) Dr. George U. Macnamara, but Miss Parkinson, and Miss G. C. Stacpoole, for fieldwork, and collecting legends for my Paper in the Lehinch district.


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