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Holy Wells -  Monuments of County Clare
Holy wells are wells which are a focus of supernatural divination, cure or devotion on a regular basis. Holy wells come in many different forms, from a depression in a rock to an elaborate structure housing the water source. Votive offerings are left at many, and some holy wells are associated with a cure for a particular illness. Most holy wells are associated with a saint, and some have a pattern day during which pilgrimages are carried out. There are over 220 holy wells surviving in County Clare.
  Map of the holy wells of Clare
Photos of holy wells in Clare

Map of the holy wells of Clare

[Ardbooly Lower] Holy Well

[Ballycannan] Holy Well
[Ballyelly] Holy Well
[Ballyslattery] Holy Well
Brian Boru’s Well
[Cloontyconnaught] Holy Well
Crovraghan Well (St Breckan's)
[Derryharriv] Well [Doonass Demesne] Holy Well
[Doonogan] Holy Well Drumanure (St Flannan's) Well [Drumellihy] Holy Well
[Fahy] Holy Well [Formoyle West] Holy Well Friar’s Holy Well
[Glencolumbkille South] Holy Well [Gleninsheen] Holy Well [Gortaveha] Holy Well
Grania’s Well, Drummanneen (1) Grania’s Well, Drummanneen (2) [Kilfearagh] Holy Well
Kilkieran Holy Well Killea Holy Well Kilmaleery Holy Well
[Kiltumper] Holy Well [Kilvoydan South] Holy Well Knockaunboy Holy Well
Knocknakilla Well Lady’s Well Laghtsenan Holy Well
[Lakyle] Holy Well [Leamaneh North] Holy Well [Lismulbreeda] Holy Well
Muckinish Well [Oughtdarra] Holy Well Our Lady’s Well or Tobermurry
Patrick’s Well [Ross] Holy Well St. Augustine’s Holy Well, Carrowkeel (Kilshanny)
St. Augustine’s Well, Garrynagry St. Brecan’s Holy Well St. Brendan’s Holy Well, Gowlaun
St Brendan’s Well, Cloonnagarnaun St. Brendan’s Holy Well, Farrihy St. Bridget’s Holy Well
St. Coleman’s Well St. Corcoran’s Well St. John’s Well, Poulacapple
St. John’s Well, Tromra West St. John’s Well, Newhall St. John’s Well, Cratloemoyle
St. Joseph’s Well, Dulick St. Kereen’s Altar St. Margaret’s Well
St. Martin’s Well, Ballynacally St. Martin’s Well, Cooga (Killadysert) St. Martin’s Well, Newtown East
St. Mary’s Well or Lady’s Well St. Michael’s Holy Well, Kilbreckan St. Michael’s Well, Kilmihil
St. Michael’s Well, Cappaghcastle St. Patrick’s Holy Well St. Ruaun’s Well
St. Senan’s Holy Well, Carrowmanagh South St. Senan’s Holy Well, Inishcaltra St. Senan’s Well, Sheeaun (Kilmihil)
St. Senan’s Well, Doonass Demesne St. Senan’s Well, Tullaher St. Senan’s Well, Kilkee
St. Senan’s Well, Termon East St. Senan’s Well, Erribul St. Senan’s Well, Kilcloher (Kilballyowen)
St. Tola’s Well [Termon] Holy Well Toberaburran
Toberacollure Toberadubh Toberandillure
Toberaniddaun, Toberaniddaun Toberaniddaun, Feagarroge Toberanore
Toberarraghta Toberateaskan Toberatsagairt
Toberaun Toberavilla Toberbrassil
Toberbreeda Toberbreedia, Kiltanon Toberbreedia, Finnor More
Toberbreedy Tobercarroll Toberclehaun
Tobercleveen Tobercolman, Oughtmama Tobercolman, Cahermackirilla
Tobercooan Tobercoolan Tobercornan
Tobercravan Tobercredaun Tobercreile
Tobercrine Tobercronan, Termon Tobercronan, Corrakyle
Tobercronan, Killokennedy Tobercrony Tobercruhnorindowan
Toberdane Toberderg Toberdooran, Ballaghboy (Doora)
Toberdooran, Noughaval (Doora) Tobereemy Tobereenagh
Tobereenatemple Tobereendoney Tobereevul
Toberfailia Toberfaughtna Tobergahard
Tobergeecaun Tobergrania Toberinneen
Toberinneenboy, Glensleade Toberinneenboy, Kiltacky More Toberinneenboy, Quakerstown
Toberinneenboy, Caherlooskaun Toberinneenboy, Commons South Toberinneenboy, Ballard (Killinaboy)
Toberinneenboy, Anneville Toberinneenboy, Drumumna Toberinneenboy (St Anastasia's Well), Tullygarvan West
Toberinneenboy, Caherbannagh Toberinneenboy, Croaghaun (Kilnamona) Toberinneenboy, Croaghaun (Kilnamona)
Toberinneenboy, Castletown (Doora) Toberinneenboy, Commons (Quin) Toberiosa
Toberkeagh Toberkee (Tobar Caoidhe) Toberkeedy
Toberkeeghaun Toberkieran, Keelhilla Toberkieran, Mahonburgh
Toberkieran, Mountshannon East Toberlaghteen Toberlanniv
Toberlaughteen (St Joseph's Well), Annagh Toberlaughteen, Kilnamona Toberlonan
Toberlonane Toberlonaun Tobermacduagh, Keelhilla
Tobermacduagh, Teernea Tobermacduagh, Derrygariff Tobermacreagh
Tobermacrehy Tobermacshane Tobermochulla, Flagmount
Tobermochulla, Knockdrumleague Tobermochulla, Cragg Tobermochulla, Fortane Beg
Tobermochulla, Lahardaun Tobermochulla, Kilgory Tobermochulla, Drummod
Tobermochulla, Gortacullin Tobermochulla, Rath More Tobermochulla, Cloonsheerea
Tobermochulla, Cappavilla South Tobermochunna Tobermoghua
Tobermooghna Tobermoon Tobermurragh
Tobermurrish Tobermurry, Killernan (1) Tobermurry, Killernan (2)
Tobermurry, Kilmacduane East Tobermurry, Lackannashinnagh Tobermurry, Shandrum
Tobernabran Tobernacrohaneeve Tobernafiaghanta
Tobernagat Tobernaghtan Tobernagilkagh
Tobernaglasha Tobernahallia Tobernamackauv
Tobernamanaulin Tobernamanorha Tobernamanrielta
Tobernamonastragh Tobernanaingeal Tobernaneeve, Calluragh (Inchicronan)
Tobernaneeve, Ballymacloon East Tobernaslantia Tobernasool, Ardataggle
Tobernasool, Burrane Upper Tobernatasha Toberneevoge
Toberoonagh Toberparthanaun Toberpatrick
Toberrameen Toberscrabaun Toberscrevaun
Toberseily Tobersenan, Drim Tobersenan, Killanena (Clonlea)
Tobersenan, Sheeaun (Kilmihil) Tobersenan, Teernagloghane Tobersenan, Rinemackaderrig
Tobersenan, Leadmore East Tobersenan, Scattery Island Tobershanbally
Tobersheefra Tobersheela Toberslany
Tobersraheen Tobervoydan Toberyrowarta
[Treanmanagh] Holy Well    
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