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1808 Meeting of Ennis Catholics

This list of Ennis Catholics dates from twenty years before Catholic Emancipation. It was compiled at the Local Studies Centre of Clare County Library from an extract of the Ennis Chronicle and Clare Advertiser newspaper. The meeting was held in the old Ennis Courthouse.

List of Attendees (Excel spreadsheet)

Ennis Chronicle and Clare Advertiser
Saturday, February 20, 1808

Catholic Meeting
At a numerous and highly respectable Meeting of the Roman Catholics at the County of Clare, held in the court-House of Ennis, pursuant to Public Notice, on Thursday the 11th Day of February, 1808, William Butler of Bunahow, Esq. being called to the Chair, the following Resolutions were unanimously agreed to:

Resolved, That we consider this a fit and proper time, for the Roman Catholics of Ireland, to renew their applications to Parliament, for a restoration of their Body, to an equality of Political Rights and Immunities with their Protestant Fellow Subjects.

Resolved, That the Petition adopted at the Catholic Meeting held in Dublin on the 19th Day of January last, be read.

Resolved, That we entirely concur in the dignified sentiment, and firm, tho’ humble prayer of said Petition, and that our Chairman do sign these Resolutions, and transmit them to the Right Hon. The Earl of Fingal, at our approval of said Petition.

Resolved, That the foregoing Resolutions be communicated, by our Chairman, to our County Representatives, Sr Edward O’Brien, Bart and the Hon. F.N. Burton, and to our Representative for the Borough of Ennis, the Right Hon. James Fitzgerald, anxiously and earnestly requesting of them, for us, their support to the Catholic Petition, when laid before Parliament.

Resolved, That actuated by the most lively feeling of gratitude, we beg leave to offer our unfeigned and heartfelt thanks to those distinguished and benevolent Noblemen and Gentlemen of the Established Church, who have expressed their willingness to impart to their Roman Catholic Brethren, the blessings of equal Laws, and equal Liberty; - to emulate them in affectionate attachment to our Fellow Subjects of every description, will be our pride, and to prove ourselves not unworthy of that Constitution, whose benefits they would extend to us, shall be our highest ambition.

Signed Wm. Butler, Chairman.

William Butler, Esq. having left the Chair, and Daniel Roughan, of Ennis, Esq. being unanimously called thereto.

Resolved, That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to our worthy Chairman, Wm Butler, Esq. on his dignified and proper conduct whilst in the Chair. Dan Roughan.

At a Meeting of the most respectable Roman Catholics of the Parish of Drumcliff, assembled at Ennis on Friday the 19th day of February instant. Daniel Roughan, Esq in the Chair, the following Resolutions were unanimously agreed to:

Resolved, That the Rev. Patrick McDonough appears to us the most eligible person to succeed the Rev. Dean Barrett, as Parish Priest of Dromcliff; Mr McDonough being a Gentleman of distinguished talents, exemplary conduct, and unwearied exertions, as has been evinced by the faithful discharge of his duty, for upwards of twenty six years in said Parish.

Resolved, That having earnestly entreated the Right Rev. James O’Shaughnessy, our Bishop, to collate the said Patrick McDonough, to the said vacant situation; and again, assisted by Sir Edward O’Brien, Bart. And by Edward O’Brien, Esq solicited him to that effect, which solicitation he has thought fit to refuse; we do therefore pledge ourselves solemnlyto each other, collectively and individually, to withhold the dues customarily paid to Parish Priests; and that we will not pay any sum exceeding 5d, as dues at Easter or Christmas, to any person who shall be appointed to succeed the said Dean Barrett, until the wishes of the Inhabitants of the Parish shall be complied with.

Resolved, That although we consider it to be the privilege of the Bishop to nominate a Parish Priest, we yet feel it our undoubted right to reject any person so nominated, if he be displeasing to us.
Resolved, That our most sincere thanks are due, and are hereby given, to Sir Edward O’Brien, Bart. And to Edward O’Brien, of Ennistymon, Esq. for their kind assistance and cordial endeavours to prevail upon Doctor O’Shaughnessy to comply with our unanimous wishes; and that we feel ourselves equally indebted to our Protestant Brethren for their kind co-operation and agreement in sentiment with us.

Resolved, That the foregoing Resolutions be printed in both the Ennis Papers, and Dublin Evening Post.

Daniel Roughan, Esq; having quiteed the Chair, and Francis Daly, Esq. being called thereto.
It was unanimously Resolved. That the Thanks fof the Meeting be given to Mr Roughan, for his very proper conduct in the Chair.

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