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1844 Signatories to Colonel Wyndham

The following is a letter from the Ennis tenantry expressing their gratitude to absentee landlord Colonel Charles Wyndham, later Lord Egremont, in providing lands outside the town for the purpose of growing crops. Thomas Crowe was Wyndham’s agent in Clare. Colonel Wyndham visited his Clare estates in 1838 when he facilitated an emigration scheme to Australia and Canada.

The signatories are sorted alphabetically by surname and appended to the letter, given below. The Letter and signatories are extracted from the Clare Journal. The Letter is dated 25th April 1844.

Transcription by Brian Doyle, Local Studies Centre, Clare County Library.

To Colonel George Wyndham, Petworth, Perthshire

Honourable Sir, – With unfeigned sincerity, and the greatest respect, we beg leave to offer you our best thanks for the kindness you have evinced towards the working classes of the town of Ennis, in giving directions to your Agents here to distribute in small lots some fifty acres of your lands within two miles of our town, for the immediate purpose of tilling potatoes.

And be it to the credit of those agents for the prompt and impartial manner they have discharged that duty. For in the distribution of those lands, it has enabled upwards of one hundred and fifty heads of families to give as much potatoes as will keep the dread of a dear and scarce summer being known in our locality.

Again, Honourable Sir, we beg leave to express our gratitude through the Press, hoping that your praiseworthy act may cause other landed proprietors to have land dealt out in the poorer districts of this populous and extensive country, you have set that example which, if followed, will be the means of the poorer classes having plenty of provisions, and draw a blessing from an industrious and grateful people.

We remain, Honourable Sir, wishing you a length of years in this life, and eternal happiness in the next.


Anglim Thady  
Boland Stephen  
Boyle Philip  
Brigdale Hugh  
Brigdale James  
Brown Thomas  
Burley Patt  
Burley George  
Carmody John  
Carthy Michael  
Cleary Denis  
Clohessy James  
Clune George  
Clune Matt  
Coleman Thomas  
Connell   Widow
Connell John  
Connelly Francis  
Connelly Jeremiah  
Connors John  
Considine Patt  
Considine Silvester  
Corry James  
Croft George  
Cuddagh John  
Culligan Denis  
Cullinan Michael  
Cullinan John  
Cullinan Simon  
Cunneen Michael  
Cunningham Michael  
Cusack Thomas  
Daly James  
Dillon Patt  
Dillon   Widow
Doherty James  
Doherty John  
Donnellan Michael  
Donnellan Michael  
Donnelly Michael  
Donnelly James  
Donnelly John  
Enright Michael  
Flanagan Terence  
Flanagan John  
Fogarty   Widow
Ford Patt  
Fuller Adam  
Galvin   Widow
Galvin Patt  
Gannon Thady  
Gardiner Michael  
Gardner James  
Gardner Patt  
Gearity Thomas  
Greene   Widow
Griffin James  
Griffin Michael  
Guerin Martin  
Haise Morty  
Hassett Patt  
Heath Michael  
Hehir Patt  
Hehir Daniel  
Hehir John  
Hehir Richard  
Hynes Martin  
James Ned  
Joyce Thomas  
Keane Thomas  
Keane Thomas  
Keane John  
Keane Thomas  
Keane John  
Kitchen Denis  
Lardner John  
Leahy John  
Lee Thady  
Lysaght John  
Lysaght   Widow
Mack John  
Mack Denis  
Macnamara John  
Martin Patt  
Martin Pat  
McCormack John  
McDermot Michael  
McDermott Peter  
McDonnell John  
McGrath John  
McInerney Patt  
McMahon Patt  
McMahon Thomas  
McMahon Martin  
McMahon John  
McMahon John  
McNamara John  
McNamara Patt  
Meere John  
Meere John  
Meere John  
Meere Michael  
Meere John  
Meere Denis  
Miller George  
Molony Bridget  
Molony Michael  
Molony   Widow
Molony Daniel  
Molony Garrett  
Molony Pat  
Moran Mary  
Moylan Michael  
Murphy Patt  
Murphy Patt  
Murphy Thady  
Nelson Michael  
Neylan Michael  
O'Brien Michael  
O'Brien Michael  
O'Brien Patt  
O'Connor Michael  
O'Connor Miles  
O'Connors Thomas  
O'Dea Connor  
O'Dea John  
O'Loghlin Thomas  
O'Loghlin Michael  
O'Loughlin Thomas  
O'Loughlin Laurence  
O'Loughlin Patt  
Pepper   Widow
Pinn Bridget  
Roughan John  
Scanlan James  
Shaughnessy James  
Shea John  
Shine Luke  
Shinner John  
Spellissy John  
Stephens Martin  
Stinson David  
Sullivan Daniel  
Tobin Thomas  
Tuohy   Widow
Turbett Francis  
Waine Patt  

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