1901 Census of Clare

District Electoral Division: Drummaan
Townland: Tintrim
DED Number: 132/31

Surname Christian Name Rel to H of F Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Where born
O'Shaughnessy Patrick Head of Family Roman Catholic Cannot Read 45 Male Farmer Married Co. Clare
O'Shaughnessy Mary Wife Roman Catholic Read-Write 43 Female
Married Co. Galway
Davies Rhys Evan Head of Family Church of God Read-Write 39 Male Farmer Married Wales
Davies Anna Rebecca Wife Church of God Read-Write 33 Female
Married England
Davies Nancy Elizabeth Daughter Church of God Read-Write 10 Female Scholar
Davies Rodger Evan Rhys Son Church of God Read-Write 6 Male Scholar
Humphrey, R.G.D. William Charles Visitor Church of God Read-Write 29 Male Ship Steward (Unemployed) Not Married England

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