1901 Census of Clare

District Electoral Division: Fahymore
Townland: Ballyquin More
DED Number: 106/3

Surname Christian Name Rel to H of F Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Field Marriage Where born Irish Language
Studdert Constance J. Head of Family Church of Ireland Read-Write 80 Female Deriving income from land Widow Co. Wexford
Donnelly John Head of Family Roman Catholic Read-Write 54 Male Steward Married Co. Wicklow
Donnelly Anne Wife Roman Catholic Read-Write 44 Female
Married Co. Limerick Irish-English
McGloughlin Thomas Head of Family Roman Catholic Read 28 Male Agricultural Labourer Married Co. Clare
McGloughlin Bridget Wife Roman Catholic Read-Write 20 Female
Married Co. Limerick
McGloughlin Catherine Daughter Roman Catholic Cannot Read 1 Female
Not Married Co. Clare

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