1901 Census of Clare

District Electoral Division: Killaloe
Townland: Shantraud
Town or Village: Killaloe
Street: The Green

DED Number: 121/18/1
Killaloe RIC Barrack

Surname First Name Rank Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Where Born Irish Language
Moore Thomas Head Constable Presbyterian Read-Write 38 Male Schoolteacher Married Co. Antrim
Mc. J. Sergeant Roman Catholic Read-Write 36 Male
Not Married Co. Kerry
P. M. Constable Roman Catholic Read-Write 33 Male Clerk Married Co. Kilkenny
L. J. Constable Church of Ireland Read-Write 32 Male Farmer's Son Not Married Co. Cavan
Gallagher Thomas Constable Roman Catholic Read-Write 32 Male Farmer's Son Married Co. Sligo
K. J. Constable Roman Catholic Read-Write 27 Male Farmer's Son Not Married Co. Kerry

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