1901 Census of Clare

District Electoral Division: Kilrush Urban
Townland: Cappagh Pier/The Creek
DED Number: 103/8/1
Ships in the Shannon and the Creek of Kilrush

Reg No Vessel Type Tonnage Name Employment Country Port Captain's Surname Captain's Christian Name No Aboard Crew on shore
2 Barquentine 190 Geraldine Home Trade England Plymouth Leech John 6
45685 Schooner 140 J.H. Barrow Home - Coasting Trade England Lancaster Wall William 4
3 Fishing Boat 28 Shamrock Fishing Isle of Man Peele Christian William 7
81 Fishing Boat 39 Isabella Dodd Fishing Ireland Foynes Shanaghan James 7
79 Steamer 28 Start Coasting Trade Ireland Glasgow McMahon Dan 2

Smack 40 Maryanne Home Trade Ireland Kilrush McMahon Patrick 1 4 men
56698 Schooner 138 Derrymaid Home Trade England Fleetwood Whiteside William 5

Smack 16 Margaret Inland Navigation Ireland Ferrybridge Shanaghan Edmond 1 2 men

Turf Boat 35 Margaret Home Trade Ireland Kilrush O'Donnell Matthew 1

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