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1901 Census of Population of County Clare - Surname Index

Here we give the 1901 Census for County Clare arranged alphabetically by surname and containing all the original data from the census forms.

To view the census in its original arrangement by townland and District Electoral Division click here.
To view the original context in which a person listed in this surname index appeared i.e. with other members of their household, and with other families in their townland or town, scroll across the screen and click on the ‘Go to’ button. This will take you to the set of forms relating to that particular townland or town.

For a list of all surnames that occur in the census
click here
Clare County Library wishes to thank Rainer Kosbi for his assistance in creating this surname index.


When the 1901 Census was transcribed, all data was transcribed as it appeared on the original census forms. This is the data presented on the census townland pages. You are also brought to this data when you click on the ‘Go to’ button at the end of each person’s record. However, for the purpose of this index, in order to avoid the separation of similar surnames, the following surnames have been standardised:
All “O” surnames are given with an apostrophy e.g. “O Connell” is given as “O’Connell”.
All “Mac and Mc” surnames have been changed to “Mc”, with no space between this and the next element in the surname, e.g. “MacMahon”, “Mac Mahon” and “Mc Mahon” are given as “McMahon”.
All “Fitz” surnames are given without any space and without an internal capital letter, e.g. “Fitz Gerald” and “FitzGerald” are given as “Fitzgerald”.
“D’arcy” and “D Arcy” are given as “Darcy”.

[unknown surname], Mary to Ayres Lahif to Leader
B, A to Barron Leahy to Lennihan
Barry to Beer Lennon to Liddane
Begley to Blackwell Liddy to Lineen
Blake to Bohanon Lingard to Lonergan
Boland to Bouchier Long to Lucas
Bourk to Brady, May Lucey to Lynch, James C
Brady, Michael to Brennan, Corney M Lynch, Jane to Lynch, Maryanne
Brennan, Delia to Broder Lynch, Mathew to Lyons
Broderick to Brown Lysaght to Macmaster
Browne to Buffham Madden to Magher
Bugler to Burke, Martin Magner to Mally
Burke, Mary to Burns Malone to Malone, Winifred
Burton to C, J Maloney to Markham
C, K to Cahill, Mary Kate Marlborough to McAllen
Cahill, Maryanne to Calligan McAllin to McCarthy, Mary Jane
Callinan to Cannon McCarthy, Mathew to McCullaugh
Canny to Carkill McD, A to McDonnell
Carley to Carr McDonogh, Andrew to McGrath, Honoria
Carriag to Cary McGrath, James to McGriltey
Casey to Cassidy McGrinn, Annie to McHugo
Caufield to Clancy, Gilbert McI, B to McInerney, Johannah
Clancy, Hanah to Clancy, Winnie McInerney, John to McInerney, May
Clandillon to Cleary McInerney, Michael to McKeane
Clendinning to Clune McKee to McMahon, Bob
Coady to Collery McMahon, Bride to McMahon, Ethel
Collins, Agnes to Collins, Matthew McMahon, Frances to McMahon, Jos Arthur
Collins, Michael to Conlan McMahon, Joseph to McMahon, Martin
Conlon to Connellan McMahon, Mary to McMahon, May
Connelly to Conole McMahon, Michael to McMahon, Patk Joseph
Conolin to Considine, Martin McMahon, Patrick to McMahon, Thady
Considine, Mary to Consony McMahon, Thomas to McNamara, Anne Nora
Conway to Coonerty McNamara, Annie to McNamara, Ellena
Cooney to Corbett McNamara, Ellie to McNamara, Josy
Corcoran to Cosgrove McNamara, Julia to McNamara, Mary A
Costello to Cougeran McNamara, Mary Ann to McNamara, Patrick J
Coughlan to Crichton McNamara, Patrick James to Meade, Mary Jane
Crimmins to Crowe Meade, Michael to Meehan, John
Crowley to Culligan Meehan, John J to Mescall, Martin
Cullin to Cummins Mescall, Mary to Minogue, Katie
Cuneen to Curry Minogue, Laurence to Moloney, Corney
Curtain to Curtis Moloney, Dan to Moloney, Luke
Cusack to Cuzzen Moloney, Madgie to Moloney, Owen
D, A to Daly, Martin Moloney, Pat to Molony, Lizzy
Daly, Mary to Davine Molony, Magaret to Moran, Jane
Davis to Deveruex Moran, John to Moroney, James
Devine to Dillon Moroney, Jane to Morony, Micheal
Dilloughery to Dollard Morony, Nora to Mulcahy
Dolohery to Donnely Mulcaire to Mulquiny
Donnolan to Doolaghty Mulready to Murphy, Fanny
Doolan to Downes, Martin Murphy, Frank to Murphy, Norah J
Downes, Mary to Dring Murphy, Pat to Murrihy
Driscol to Duggan Murry to Naughton, Lizzie
Duhigg to Edwards Naughton, Maggie to Newton
Egan to Enniscoe Neylan to Nightingale
Enright to Fahey Nihil to Normile
Fahy to Feighery Normoyle to O'Brien, Bride
Fennell to Fitton O'Brien, Bridget to O'Brien, Honour
Fitzgearld to Fitzgerald O'Brien, Hugh to O'Brien, Katty
Fitzgibbin to Fitzpatrick, Mary Margaret O'Brien, Laurence to O'Brien, Maurice
Fitzpatrick, Mathew to Flanagan, Julia O'Brien, Michael to O'Brien, Stephen
Flanagan, Kate to Flavin O'Brien, Susan to O'Connell, Johanna
Fleming to Fogerty O'Connell, John to O'Connor, Gretta
Foley to Foundation O'Connor, Hanagh B to O'Connor, Thady
Fox to Frawly O'Connor, Thomas to O'Dea, Lott
Frazer to Gallaher O'Dea, Madgie to O'Doherty
Gallery to Garrihy O'Donahue to O'Donohoe
Garry to Gibney O'Donohue to O'Flynn
Gibson to Gleeson O'Gorman to O'Grady, Mary Teresa
Glen to Gorhan O'Grady, Matt to O'Hollaran
Gorman to Grady O'K to O'Leary
Graham to Griffen O'Lochlen to O'Loughlin, Lucy
Griffey to Griffin, Lizzie O'Loughlin, Maggie to O'Moore
Griffin, Maggie to Grogan O'N to O'Neill, May
Guare to Gwynne O'Neill, Michael to O'Shaughnessy
H, A to Hallman O'Shea to Payne
Halloran to Haloran Peacock to Powell
Halpin to Hanohan Power to Purtill
Hanrahan to Harahan Pyne to Quilligan
Haran to Hartey Quilty to Quinn, Honour
Hartigan to Hassett Quinn, James to Reck
Hastings to Hawes Reddan to Reidy, Margaret
Hawkins to Hayes, May A Reidy, Maria to Riddlar
Hayes, Michael to Healy Riedy to Rockford
Heaney to Heher Rodgers to Rourke
Hehir, Agnes to Hehir, Richard Rowan to Ryan, David
Hehir, Sarah to Hibbert Ryan, Delia to Ryan, Martin
Hickey to Hickson Ryan, Mary to Ryne
Higgans to Hoey Rynn to Scales
Hogan, Agnes to Hogan, Martin Scallane to Schmalyreid
Hogan, Mary to Holohen Schuster to Sexton
Holzapfel to Houllahan Seymor to Shannon, Sinon
Houragan to Howlett Shannon, Susan to Sheedy, Kitty
Howley to Hynes, John Sheedy, Maggie to Skerritt
Hynes, Joseph to Jones, William Skillane to Spears
Jordan to Keane, Catherine Spelacy to Stuart
Keane, Charles to Keane, Maria Studdert to Sullivan, Minnie
Keane, Mark to Keane, Susan Sullivan, Nancy to Talty, Matthew
Keane, Terence to Keary Talty, May to Timmons
Keatin to Keely Tine to Tryrrell
Keenan to Kelly, Elizabeth Tubrary to Tuohy, Lizzie
Kelly, Ellen to Kelly, Marty Tuohy, Maggie to Vandeleur
Kelly, Mary to Kelly, Patrick Joseph Vaughan to Wall
Kelly, Patt to Kennedy, Martin Wallace to Walsh, Maurice
Kennedy, Mary to Kent Walsh, May to Waugh
Keogh to Kerwin Weafer to White, Edward
Keshan to Killeen White, Eliza to Wills
Killegher to Kinnane, Joseph Wilmot to Young
Kinnane, Kate to Lahey  
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