1901 Census of Clare

District Electoral Division: Rossroe
Townland: Ballysheen Beg
DED Number: 141/5

Surname Christian Name Rel to H of F Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Field Marriage Where born
Walton R.B. Head of Family Roman Catholic Read-Write 72 Male Major - J.P. Retired Auxiliary Forces Married Co. Clare
Walton Susan Mary Wife Church of England Read-Write 63 Female
Married W. Indies
Walton George H.A.I. Son Roman Catholic Read-Write 28 Male
Not Married Co. Clare
Walton Ruby M.B. Daughter Roman Catholic Read-Write 25 Female
Not Married Co. Clare
Connell Bridget Servant Roman Catholic Read-Write 20 Female Domestic Servant Not Married Co. Clare

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