1901 Census of Clare

District Electoral Division: Rossroe
Townland: Cloonanass
DED Number: 141/7

Surname Christian Name Rel to H of F Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Field Marriage Where born
Sheehan Patrick Head of Family Roman Catholic Cannot Read 55 Male Agricultural Labourer Married Co. Clare
Sheehan Anne Wife Roman Catholic Read-Write 55 Female
Married Co. Clare
Sheehan Thomas Son Roman Catholic Read-Write 18 Male Coachman - Domestic Servant Not Married Co. Clare
Sheehan Mary Daughter Roman Catholic Read-Write 15 Female
Not Married Co. Clare
Hogan Joseph Cousin Roman Catholic Cannot Read 4 Male
Not Married Co. Clare
Butler Jane Head of Family Church of Ireland Read-Write 51 Female Farmer Widow Co. Wexford
Butler Anne Daughter Church of Ireland Read-Write 26 Female
Not Married Co. Clare
Walsh Michael illegible Church of Ireland Read-Write 55 Male Farmer - Magistrate Married Cork City
Walsh Alice Sister-in-law Church of Ireland Read-Write 33 Female Farmer's Wife Married Dublin City
Mc? H? illegible Roman Catholic Read-Write 23 Female Cook - Domestic Not Married Co. Clare
Butler Annie illegible Roman Catholic Read-Write 22 Female Housemaid - Domestic Not Married Co. Clare

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