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1918 Kilrush ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union) Contributions

This 1918 list of contributors to the ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union) in Kilrush was compiled at the Local Studies Centre of Clare County Library from an extract of the Clare Champion newspaper, 19th October 1918.

List of Collections Received for the Kilrush Branch of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union and distribution of same.

Surname Forename Title Group Note Address Amount
A Friend           1s
Barry M. Mr.     Burton Street 2s
Behan R. Mr.       1s
Behan P. Mr.       2s
Behan J. Mr.       2s 6d
Bermingham M. Mr.       2s 6d
Birmingham Mat. Mr.       2s 6d
Black P. Mr.       2s 6d
Blacke J. Mr.       2s
Blake   Mr.     The Square, Kilrush 4s
Blunny   Mrs.       1s
Blunny T. Mr.       1s
Blunny M. Mr.       2s
Bohan J. Mr.       1s
Boland   Mrs.       2s
Bolger   Mrs.     The Square 2s 6d
Bonfil P. Mr.       1s
Bourke   Miss       1s
Bourke D. Mr.       1s
Bourke A.         2s
Brazil M. Mr.       1s
Brazil Mrt. Mr.       1s 6d
Brennan P. Mr.     Scattery 2s 6d
Brew P. Mr.       1s
Brew J. Mr.       1s
Brew George       Henry Street 5s
Brew A. Captain       5s
Brew G. Mr.       6d
Brien P. Mr.       2s
Bulger   Mr.     Francis Street 2s
Burke N. Mr.       1s
Burke M. Mr.       2s
Burke P. Mr.       2s
Canny J. Mr.     Breffa, Kilrush 7s 6d
Carey M. Mr.       1s
Carey   Mrs.       2s
Carey T.P. Mr.       2s 6d
Carmody   Mrs.       1s
Carmody M. Mr.       2s
Carmody M. Mr.       2s 6d
Carmody - Mr.       2s 6d
Carmody Jerh. Mr.       2s 6d
Carrig J. Mr.     Moyne 1s
Carrig M. Mr.     Dysart 1s
Carrig Michael         1s
Carroll B. Mr.       1s
Carroll J.S. Mr.     Cappagh 2s
Casey John       Moore Street, Kilrush £1
Chambers J. Mr.       2s 6d
Clancy S. Mr.     The Glen 1s
Clancy J. Mr.       2s
Clancy J. Mr.       2s
Clancy James         2s 6d
Comerford   Miss     Henry Street 5s
Coney M. Mr.       2s 6d
Conlan P. Mr.       2s
Connell J. Mr.       2s 6d
Connell P. Mr.     Henry Street 2s 6d
Connellan   Mrs.       1s
Connor T. Mr.       2s 6d
Connors   Mrs.       1s
Connors J. Mr.       2s
Considine   Mrs.       1s
Considine J. Mr.       2s 6d
Conway J. Mr.       1s
Conway M. Mr.       1s
Conway   Mrs.       2s
Copley W. Mr.       2s
Corbett D. Mr.       2s 6d
Corry - Mr.       1s
Corry - Mr.       2s
Counihan   Lieutenant     Australia 10s
Counihan R. Mr.       2s
Counihan Ed.     Solicitor   2s 6d
Crotty M. Mr.       2s
Crotty P. Mr.       2s
Crotty   Mrs.     Market Square, Kilrush 2s 6d
Crotty Michael     U.C., Henry Street, Kilrush   2s 6d
Crotty Michael       The Square, Kilrush 5s
Crowley J. Mr.       1s
Crowley B. Mr.       2s
Culligan J. Mr.     Mail Road 1s
Culligan   Mrs.       2s
Culligan J. Mr.       2s 6d
Culligan Patrick J.P.   Chairman K.U.C.   5s
Cullinan S. Mr.     Cappagh 1s
Cullinan Joe         2s
Cullinan J. Mr.       2s 6d
Cunningham M. Mr.       2s
Curran H. Mr.       1s
Curtin J. Mr.       1s
Curtin M. Mr.       2s 6d
Cusack S. Mr.       2s
Cusack J. Mr.       2s
Cusack Mt. Mr.       2s
Cusack M. Mr.     Kilrush 5s
Cushan J. Mr.       1s
Custy P. Mr.       1s 6d
Daly M. Mr.       2s
Daly J. Mr.       2s
Dartney M. Mr.       1s
Dea - Mr.       2s 6d
Deighey   Mrs.     Cappagh 1s
Devers   Mrs.     The Square 2s
Devitt M. Mr.       2s 6d
Dillon - Mr.       2s
Dillon L. Mr.       2s 6d
Dowling James J.P.     Cappagh 5s
Downes T. Mr.       1s
Downes Martin         2s 6d
Downes Martin         2s 6d
Downes Michael         2s 6d
Duggan N. Mr.       1s
Duggan M. Mr.       2s
Dunleavey M. Mr.       1s
Dunleavey   Mrs.       2s
Dunleavey P. Mr.       2s
Enright J. Mr.       1s
Finucane J. Mr.       1s
Finucane F. Mr.       1s
Finucane F. Mr.     Chapel Street 2s 6d
Flanagan P. Mr.       1s 6d
Flanagan M.         2s
Flynn T. Mr.       2s 6d
Foley J. Mr.       2s
Fortescue   Mrs.     Burton Street 5s
Frawley Thomas         2s 6d
Galvin P. Mr.       2s
Galvin Pat         2s 6d
Galvin   Mrs.       2s 6d
Garry M. Mr.       1s
Garry T. Mr.       2s
Gavan P. Mr.       2s 6d
Glynn ? M. Mr.       2s
Gordan P. Mr.       1s
Gorman P. Mr.       1s
Gorman P. Mr.     Pella 2s
Gough W. Mr.       1s
Green P. Mr.       2s
Griffen J. Mr.     Pound Street 1s
Griffen J. Mr.       1s
Grogan J. Mr.       2s
Hannan J. Mr.       1s
Hanrahan P. Mr.       1s
Hartney - Mr.       1s
Hegarty Jn. Mr.       2s 6d
Hickey J. Mr.       1s
Hickey D. Mr.       2s
Higgins   Mrs.       2s
Holouhan B. Miss     Ballymote 2s
Honan P. Mr.       1s
Honan C. Mr.       1s
Honan - Mr.     Pound Street 1s
Honan M.       Moore Street 2s
Honan   Mrs.     Francis Street 2s
Honan J. Mr.       2s 6d
Honan P. Mr.       2s 6d
Honan M. Mr.     Pound Street 3s
Howard M.         2s
Howard   Mrs.       2s
Howard M. Mr.       2s 6d
Hughes J.P. Mr.       2s 6d
Keane   Miss       1s
Keane J. Mr.       1s
Keane P. Mr.     Burton Street 2s
Keane B. Mr.       2s 6d
Keating J.       Square 2s
Keating   Mrs.       2s
Keating A. Miss       5s
Kelly T.         2s
Kelly M. Miss       2s
Kelly P. Mr.       2s
Kelly J. Mr.       2s 6d
Kelly T. Mr.       2s 6d
Kelly P.J. Mr.   Assistant Clerk, Kilrush Union   5s
Keogh   Mrs.     Curnacalla 3s
Kett Joseph       Kilrush 10s
Killeen J. Mr.       2s
Killeen T. Mr.     Leadmore 2s 6d
Killeen P. Mr.     Kilkee 2s 6d
Kirby   Mrs.       2s
Kitson Patrick       Pound Street, Kilrush 10s
Kitson P. Mr.       1s
Lenihan T. Mr.       1s
Lillis P. Mr.       1s
Lillis P. Mr.       1s
Lillis M. Mr.       2s
Lillis J. Mr.       2s 6d
Lillis T. Mr.   U.C., The Square, Kilrush   2s 6d
Lowe M. Mr.       1s
Lowe T. Mr.       2s
Lynch J. Mr.       2s
Lyons M. Mr.       2s
MacInerney P. Mr.     Kilrush 5s
MacNamara J. Mr.       1s
MacNamara A. Mr.       1s
MacNamara M.J.         2s
MacNamara J. Mr.       2s
MacNamara J. Mr.       2s 6d
MacNamara M.T. Mr.       2s 6d
MacNamara   Miss       6d
Madigan   Mrs.       1s
Madigan M. Mr.       1s
Madigan T. Mr.       1s
Madigan M. Mr.       1s
Madigan T. Mr.       2s
Madigan D. Mr.   Draper   2s
Madigan J.         2s
Madigan D. Mr.       2s
Madigan B. Mr.     Ballymote 6d
Mahony Thomas       Kilrush £1
Mahony J. Mr.       1s
Mahony M. Mr.       2s
Mahony J. Mr.       2s 6d
Managan F. Mr.       1s
Mangan   Mrs.       1s
Manning James       Kilrush 3s
Martin J. Mr.     Cappagh 1s
Martin T. Mr.       1s
Martin T.       Monmore 2s
McCabe   Miss       1s
McCormack - Mr.       1s
McCormack J. Mr.       1s
McDermott P. Mr.       1s
McDermott L. Mr.       2s
McDermott   Miss     The Square, Kilrush 5s
McDonnell P. Mr.       2s
McDonnell C. Mr.       2s 6d
McDonnell James         2s 6d
McGarry J. Mr.       2s
McGrane M. Mr.       2s 6d
McGrath   Constable       1s
McGrath B. Mr.       1s
McGrath T. Mr.       1s
McGrath P. Mr.       1s
McGrath   Mrs.       2s 6d
McInerney   Very Rev. Dean       £1
McInerney J. Mr.     Burton Street 1s
McInerney M. Mr.       1s
McInerney C. Mr.       1s
McInerney J. Mr.     Henry Street 1s
McInerney P. Mr.       1s
McInerney M. Mr.       2s
McInerney P. Mr.       2s
McInerney Simon       Moyarta 5s
McKnight P. Mr.       2s
McMahon P. Mr.       1s
McMahon J. Mr.       1s
McMahon - Mr.       1s
McMahon T. Mr.       1s
McMahon D. Mr.       1s
McMahon J. Mr.       2s
McMahon P. Mr.       2s
McMahon - Mr.       2s 6d
McMahon W. Mr.       2s 6d
McMahon Pat         5s
McNamara   Mrs.       2s
McNamara J. Mr.     Francis Street 2s
Meaney F. Mr.       2s
Mescal Patrick       Kilrush 5s
Moloney F. Rev.       10s
Moloney S.         2s
Moloney B. Miss       2s
Moloney M. Mr.       2s
Moloney James         2s 6d
Moody J. Mr.       2s
Moody W. Mr.       2s 6d
Moore T. Mr.       1s
Moroney P. Mr.       2s 6d
Moroney Michael         2s 6d
Morrissey   Mrs.       1s
Morrissey Michael       Vandeleur Street, Kilrush 5s
Mulqueen   Mrs.       1s
Mulqueen J. Mr.       2s
Mulqueen F. Mr.       2s 6d
Mulqueen M. Mr.     Henry Street 5s
Nagle J. Mr.       2s 6d
Nagle Thomas J.P.     Moore Street, Kilrush 5s
Nash P. Mr.       2s
Neenan J. Mr.       1s
Neville T. Mr.       6d
Nevin M. Mr.       1s
Nolan M. Mr.       2s
O'Brien   Miss       1s
O'Brien J. Mr.       1s
O'Brien J. Mr.       1s
O'Brien D. Mr.       1s
O'Brien M. Mr.     The Glen 2s
O'Brien T. Mr.       2s
O'Brien S. Mr.       2s
O'Brien   Mrs.       2s
O'Brien F. Rev.       5s
O'Connell W. Mr.       2s
O'Connell M. Mr.     Moore Street 2s 6d
O'Connell   Mrs.     Pound Street 3s
O'Connor   Mrs.       1s
O'Connor P. Mr.       2s 6d
O'Dea J. Mr.       1s
O'Dea J. Mr.       1s
O'Dea P. Mr.       1s
O'Dea A. Mr.       1s
O'Dea - Mr.       2s
O'Dea J. Mr.       2s
O'Dea Catherin Miss       5s
O'Donnell J. Mr.       2s
O'Donnell M. Mr.       2s
O'Donnell W. Mr.     Moore Street 2s
O'Donoghue W. Mr.       2s 6d
O'Dwyer J. Mr.     The Square 2s 6d
O'Leary B. Mr.       1s
O'Mara Michael     U.C.   5s
O'Neill S. Mr.       2s
O'Shea Michael     Solicitor Kilrush 10s
O'Shea J. Mr.     Breffa 1s
O'Shea J. Mr.       2s
O'Shea P. Mr.   N.T.   2s
O'Shea J. Mr.       2s
O'Sullivan M. Mr.       2s
Pinder T. Mr.       1s
Purtil M. Mr.       1s
Queally   Miss       5s
Raills M. Mr.       1s
Rails Phil         1s
Rails P. Mr.       6d
Ready T. Mr.       2s
Reidy B. Mr.       2s
Reynolds J. Mr.       2s
Rohan F. Mr.       2s
Roughan   Mrs.       2s
Roughan Thomas         2s 6d
Roughan S. Mr.       2s 6d
Russell H. Mr.       1s
Ryan M. Mr.       1s
Ryan J. Mr.       1s
Ryan P. Mr.       1s
Ryan M. Mr. W.C.R., Kilrush     2s 6d
Ryan E. Miss       2s 6d
Ryan M. Mr.     Kilrush 5s
Ryan Thomas     Vice-Chairman, U.C.   5s
Saunders J. Mr.       2s 6d
Scales L ? Miss       2s 6d
Scanlan M. Mr.       1s
Scanlan T. Mr.       1s
Scanlan M. Mr.     Cappagh 2s
Shally C. Mr.       1s
Shanahan Ed.       Banmore 5s
Shannon   Mrs.     Pound Street, Kilrush 10s
Shannon   Mrs.       1s
Shannon J.         2s
Shannon -         2s
Shannon Pat         2s 6d
Shea T. Mr.       1s
Sheehan T. Mr.       1s
Sheehan D. Mr.       1s
Slattery Thomas         5s
Sullivan J. Mr.       1s
Sullivan - Mr.       2s 6d
Talty M. Mr.       2s
Toppin M. Mr.       1s
Turbidy P. Mr.       6d
Ustace P. Mr.       2s
Wallace - Mr.       2s
Walsh J. Mr.       1s
Walsh R. Junr.     Cappagh 2s
Walsh P. Mr.       2s
Walsh   Mrs.       2s
Warren J. Mr.       2s
Wills   Mrs.       2s
Wright J. Mr.       6d
          per Clarecastle Railway Workers £1 1s
      N.U.R. Ennis, Willbrook, Corofin per R. Donoghue   £2 8s
      N.U.R. Ennistymon per M. Carty   10s 6d
      N.U.R Cragaknock per R. Donoghue   12s
      N.U.R. Kilkee per R. Donoghue   12s

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