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1918 Quin Subscribers to Major Redmond Memorial Fund

The following is a list of the subscribers in this parish who contributed to this most deserving fund, in appreciation of the invaluable services rendered to the county during the twenty-five years Major William Redmond represented the East Clare constituency in parliament.

Major William Hoey Kearney Redmond was killed in action in Belgium in the first World War in June 1917.

This list appeared in The Saturday Record of 2nd February 1918.

Transcription by Brian Doyle, Local Studies Centre, Clare County Library.

Surname Forename Title Address Amount
Armstrong James   Ballyroughan £1
Butler Thomas   The Bungalow', Ballymacloon 2s 6d
Butler John   Dangan 1s 6d
Carrigg Mortimor   Quin 10s
Clune Matt   Quin £1
Clune James   Danganbrack £1
Clune Jno   Kildrum £1
Clune Dan   Quin 10s
Clune Michael D.C. Carrowgar 10s
Clune William   Ballymaclune 5s
Clune Tim   Carrowgar 3s
Clune Patrick   Ballymarkham 2s 6d
Clune Patrick   Kildrum 2s 6d
Clune John D.C. Ballymarkham 2s
Clune Pat   Quin 1s
Clune Frank   Quin 1s
Clune Peter   Quin 1s
Clune James   Quin 1s
Corbett Michael Snr. Ballykilty £1
Corbett Dan   Coogane £1
Corbett Patrick Snr. Quin 10s
Corbett Dan   Ballykilty 10s
Corbett Michael Jnr. Ballykilty 10s
Corbett   Miss Abbey View 10s
Corbett Patrick   The Bridge 5s
Corbett Patrick Jnr. Quin 5s
Corbett Vincent   Ballagh 3s
Corbett   Mrs. Ballykilty 2s 6d
Crowe Thomas   Quin 3s
Curry Patrick   Quin 2s
Cusack Jno   Dangan 2s 6d
Devanny Patrick   Deerpark 1s
Doherty Patrick   Aylecotty 1s
Doolaghty Michael   Ballyhannon 2s
Droney Patrick   Quin 2s 6d
Droney Mary   Quin 1s
Fahy Morgan   Deerpark 10s
Foran Michael   Carrowroe 1s
Garvey Joseph   Ballyroughan 2s
Gloster   Miss The Bungalow', Ballymacloon 10s
Guerin Michael   Ballymarkham 2s 6d
Hallinan Denis   Coolshamrock 10s
Halloran Tom   Kildrum 1s
Halpin John   Quin 10s
Hannon Matt   Knoppogue 10s
Hannon Laurence   Knoppogue 2s
Hassett Denis   Quin 2s
Hayes Patrick   Cutteen 2s 6d
Healy   Mrs. Ballyhannon 2s 6d
Hegarty   Constable, R.I.C. Castlefergus 5s
Hehir Patrick   Ballyhannon 5s
Hehir Mary   Ballyhannon 1s
Hehir Denis   Ballyhannon 1s
Hennessy   Miss Quin 7s 6d
Hennessy John D.C. Toonagh 5s
Hickey Patrick   Knoppogue 2s 6d
Hoey Jno   Dangan 4s
Hogan James   Dangan 2s 6d
Ievers R.   Quinville Abbey 5s
Kelly Dan   Moyriesk 2s 6d
Kelly William   Moyriesk 1s
Lalor John   Danganbrack 10s
Lalor Patrick   Dangan 5s
Lalor Michael   Dangan 4s
Littleton Jno   Dangan 5s
Littleton Michael   Carrowroe 2s
Lyddy Martin   Snugboro' 5s
Lynch John   Carrowroe 2s 6d
Lynch Thomas   Creevagh 2s 6d
Markham Jn   Snugboro 5s
Markham Michael   Ballymarkham 2s 6d
Markham Katie   Quin 1s
McCreedy J.J. Rev C.C.   £
McDonnell Patrick D.C. Cant 10s
McDonnell John   Cant 3s
McFadden   Mrs. Quin 1s
McGrath   Miss Moyriesk 2s
McInerney Minnie Miss Ardsollus 2s 6d
McInerney James   Rathluby 2s
McInerney Patrick   Hazelwood 1s
McMahon Denis   Ballykilty 2s
McNamara William   Rathluby 4s
McNamara Patrick   Cullane 2s 6d
Meade Michael   Clooney 1s
Millar   Mrs. Creevagh 5s
Moran Dan   Corbally 2s 6d
Moran   Mrs. Corbally 2s 6d
Moroney Patrick   Knoppogue 2s 6d
Moylan Martin   Creevaghmore 10s
Moylan William   Feaghquin 10s
Moylan Jno   Ballyhannon 7s 6d
Moylan James   Ballyhannon 5s
Murphy Michael   Carronmallow 1 Guinea
Murphy Matt   Carronmallow £1
Murphy Patrick   Clomly 3s
Murphy D.   Clomly 2s 6d
Murphy   Miss Clomly 2s
Murphy Kate   Ballyroughan 1s
Neville Michael   Quin 1s
Neylon Patrick J.   Ennis 5s
O'Brien Thomas   Applefort 4s
O'Grady Thomas   Knoppogue 2s
O'Halloran Thomas J.P. Rhineville £1
O'Halloran Patrick   Ballyhannon 5s
O'Halloran Jno   Craggataska 5s
O'Halloran   Mrs. Quin 2s
O'Loghlen Thomas   Quin £1
O'Loghlen Patrick   Caherlohan 5s
O'Loghlen Jno   Quin 2s 6d
O'Loghlen   Miss Quin 2s
O'Meara   Sergeant, R.I.C. Castlefergus 2s 6d
Power Michael   Brook Lodge £1
Power Ambrose   Quin 10s
Power Thomas   Castlefergus 10s
Prior   Constable, R.I.C. Castlefergus 4s
Pyne   Mrs. Moohaun 2s 6d
Quirke   Constable, R.I.C. Castlefergus 5s
Reddan   Miss Quin 5s
Reddan Pat   Dangan 2s 6d
Reddan   Jnr. Quin 2s
Reynolds Patrick   Ballyhannon 5s
Reynolds Michael S.M. Ardsollus 5s
Reynolds   Mrs. Ballyhannon 2s 6d
Sammon William   Quin 1s
Scanlan Thomas   Moyriesk 5s
Scanlan John   Ballyhannon 2s 6d
Scanlan John   Danganbrack 2s
Scanlan Charles   Ballymarkham 2s
Scanlan Patrick   Ballymarkham 2s
Slattery   Rev Canon P.P.   £1
Studdert R. O'B. D.L. Cullane £1
Turnbull   Miss Castlefergus 6d
White John Snr. Dangan 2s 6d
White Laurence   Dangan 2s
White John Jnr. Dangan 2s
Woulfe John   Cutteen 1 Guinea

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