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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall


Appendix I: Letter from James, 9th Earl of Ormonde, to King Henry VIII
A.D. 1544

(State papers (D.S.) Hen. VIII, 1544, Vol.IV,Pt.1111 p.495)

Please it your most Excellent Majestie to be advertised. When your Highness signified unto me Your most gracious pleasure for the furnyture of one hundrethe kerne, to serve Your Magnificence in the most Royall voiage for the subduynge of Your Majesties auncient enemy the Frenche Kinge, I have accordinglie prepared that numbre. And althoughe Your Highness willed me no further then to complete the said numbre, yet parceyvinge how divers in this Realme, to whom Your Grace wrote for kerne, are slowe in the sending of any, I therefore, to complete the better numbre, prepared on hundrethe more, who repayrethe to Your Highness And, when Your Grace do write for the sending thither of one of those Lordes, to whom it please Your Highness to write the sending thither of any certaine numbre of kerne, as your Grace’s Justice and Counsail shulde think mete, to be Capyain Generall of the whole numbre of kerne sent thither at this tyme, Your Majesties saide Justice and Counsail here have appointed the Lord Power, my nephew, to supplie that rowline under whom I have appointed a young gentleman, called Piers Butler, being also a nephew to me and seconde brother to the Baron of Dunboyne, to have the rule and conduct of one hundrede of my men, and Edmond Purcell, one of the Captains of my kerne, to be Captain of the other hundrethe.

Written at Your Majesties Cittie of Dublin the 6th day of May.

Your Majesties moste bounden humble
Subjecte and Servante
James Orm. & Oss [162]

To our Soverign Lorde The King’s Most Excellent Majestie


Burial Places;
Family Estates; Origins


Appendix II: Attainder
of James Butler of Grallagh