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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall


Appendix X: Abstracts of Wills and Administrations


A.D. 1671
Thomas Butler, Derryclooney, Co. Tipperary. Children: Theobald (executor), Richard and Margaret. Grandchildren, Mary, Elline, Edmond fitz Richard Butler of Grange. Brothers: John, David fitz Gibbon Butler. Nephew: Thomas Butler fitz John. Niece: Mary Purcell. Dated 1 April 1671. Prob. 10 July 1671. (Cashel).


Theobald Butler, Derryclooney, Co.Tipperary. Wife: Ellen. Son: James. Daughters: Elizabeth and Catherine Butler. Cousin: John Fitz Gibbon. Dated 27 June 1717. Prob 1718 (Prerog.).


Sir Theobald Butler, Councellor at law. Orders son Theobald to pay out of £4,000 due to testator, the mortgage on lands of Saggard and £1,000 borrowed from Richard Reddy gent. for son Theobald’s benefit. The account between “me and my son in law the lord Caher” to be settled. Mortgage of £1,000 on estate of Francis McNamara [190] to be further serity for payment to R. Reddy, Ballymount and Newlands and his house in St. Nicholas Street with all the furniture and plate to his wife. “My picture at full length and another at halfe length I leave unto my wife during her life, and after her death my picture at full length to goe all ways to my heire at law, and that of the halfe length to such of my children as my wife shall think fitt, and the frames of my son Caher and his wife and child I shall leave to my said son Caher.” Son James and his wife’s picture to said James.[191] Mrs Daly’s and Mrs. Clare Gasgoigne’s pictures to wife, also his horses, coach and whimm. Appoints his wife executrix, and son Jordan overseer of will.

Witnesses: Brien O’Loghlen, James Butler, John Dunn, Bryan Stapleton.
Dated 10 March 1720. Probate estate of “Theobald Butler nuper de civitate Dublin Arm. dfti vulgo vocatus Militis”[192] granted to widow 24 Nov. 1720. (Prerog.).


William Butler, Rossroe. Sons: Thomas and Henry. Devise to nephew, James Butler of Ballyneety, Co. Limerick, remainder to daughter, Ann Bridgman[193] , remainder to nephew Bryan Stapleton. To son Thomas his moiety of Ballynevan, Ballyvorgill, Clashnaverve, Gortressmeer, Lissany, Moigallowbegg, and his latest interest in Castlecryn and Killnacreagh, and rent of £3 issuing out of the middle house in the Square in Limerick “now in the possession of Benjamin Barrington, burgess.” His interest in lands of Rathmoihill, Scoullbegg, Sconmore, Craggana, Carhunacrugahy and Pouligriffy which testator holds from the Bishop of Killaloe to son Thomas. Two mares to son-in-law St. John Bridgman. “To my kinsman Pierce Butler and his children a suit of mourning each. And whereas I am sure the Pierce Butler my kinsman hath behaved himself faithfully and honestly to me in my service all the time he lived with me, I do hereby exonerate and discharge from all manner of accounts and other dealings that happened betwixt him and me from the beginning of the world to this day.” Directs his son Henry to keep on said Pierce, and allow him a salary of £20.-
Executors Theobald Butler “commonly called Sir Theobald Butler Knt”., said James Butler, St. John Bridgman, Bryan Stapleton and Pierce Butler.
(Dated 23 Dec. 1720. Prob. 22 July 1735 (Prerog.)


James Butler, Castlekeal. Mentions father, Sir Theobald Butler; mother, Dame Margaret Butler alias Roche. Brothers: Jordan and John. Sons: Theobald, James. Daughters: Mary Butler, Margaret Butler. Cousins: Bryan Stapleton, Catherine Clanchy. Kinsman: George Clanchy. Guardian for sons: George Mathew of Thomastown, Co. Tipperary. Executors: Thomas, Lord Baron Cahir, Cornelius Callaghan, Franics Burton of Buncraggy, Co. Clare, Christopher O’Brien of Innistymon, Co. Clare. Witnesses: James Clanchy, Bryen O’Loghlin, Bryan Stapleton.
Dated 5 Jan. 1722. Prob 25 July 1723 (Prerog.).


Theobald Butler, Ballygegan, Administration granted to Hellene Butler, his widow for her own use and that of Francis and Theobald Butler, minors, children of deceased.
10 Nov. 1722.


James Butler of Doon. Administration granted to Thady McNamara, of Ayle, Co. Clare, gent.,[194] for use of Mary Butler, his widow,[195] and James, Theobald [196] Mary, Margaret, and Elizabeth, minors, children of deceased. 2nd Jan. 1747.


Peter Butler, Bunnahow. Legacies to grandson Simon Foster [197] and granddaughter Margaret Foster from sum due by heir James Butler of Kilcommon, Co. Tipperary, decd. Annuity to wife Anne Butler [198] out of interest on money due by James McNamara of Ayle, Co. Clare, Francis Foster of Ashfield, Co. Galway and James Butler of Millbrook, Co. Clare. After wife’s death, annuity to revert to “my grandson Peter Butler, son of William Butler of Doon.” Appoints said son William sole executor and residuary legatee.

Witnesses: Arthur Drew,[199] Thomas Drew, Theobald Butler and John Curtin.
Dated 11 Jan, 1781. Prob. 6 Feb. 1788 (Prerog.)


James Butler, Cragnagour. Jointure to wife Bridget Butler alias Sheehy out of lands of Clondrina, Sleaveloghane, Kielmore, Teighmore, Gortnaghashy, Ballyvannon, Breaghfinstousane, Co. Clare, and Ballyboy, Co. Limerick. Children: James [200] and Mary, now under four, and natural son John. Brothers-in-law: Edmond and Patrick Sheehy.
Executors: Francis McNamara of Doolin, Edmond O’Callaghan of Kilgorey,[201] John O’Mullane of Mallow, and Bridget Butler his (testator’s) wife.
Dated 20 May 1780. Prob. 23 June 1784. (Killaloe)


James Butler, Millbrook. To wife Theresa Butler alias Hogan jointure of £200 a year. To eldest son Henry Butler £200 a year until his debts have been paid off, after which he leaves sd. son his whole estate. To eldest daughter Elizabeth Butler als. Blake £2,000,[202] to be paid to her husband Michael Blake, he making a settlement on her. To his grand daughter Theresa Blake of Frenchfort £500 on her attaining 18 years.[203] To his brother Theobald £20 a year.

Exectuors: Michael Blake of Frenchfort, “Theresa Butler otherwise Hogan, my wife” and Dr. Reynolds.
Dated 7 Jan. 1795. Prob. 17 Feb. 1798 (Prerog.).


Henry Butler of Millbrook. Wife Ann Butler als. Blake £250 jointure under mar. sett. Younger sons: Xaverius and Walter. Daughters: Isabella and Teresa. Natural son: John Butler. Reputed natural dau.: Honor Tierney. Mentions £3,000 due to him from estate of Theobald Butler of Fishmoyne, Co. Tipperary, under will of James Butler of Ballyogan, natural son of James Butler of Kilcommon, also £4000 due to him from est. of Walter Blake of Oranmore, Co. Galway, part of his marr. settlmt. with Anne Blake. Eld. son James Blake Butler to have allowance of £100 p.a. until 19, and £150 until 21.
Executors: Mich. Blake, Frenchfort; John D’Arcy, Kiltullagh; John D’Arcy, Rockvale; Wm. Butler, Bunnahow.
Dated 3 Aug. 1814.
1st Codicil, 3 Aug. 1814. Children all minors to be wards of Chancery.
2nd Codicil, 4 Aug. 1814. Milbrook ho. and 40 acres to wife until eld. son comes of age. (revoked 29 Sept.) Mentions his sister Teresa Hunt [204] and his relative Mrs. Anne Butler and her dau. Mary Greene.[205] Prob. 14 Dec. 1816. (Prerog.).


James Butler, Castle Crine. Recites that he is empowered to charge his estates with £10,000 for younger children and has appointed £2,000 towards marriage portion of his daughter Jane Butler with Richard Falkiner Stoney [206], and £2,000 towards marriage portion of his dau. Maria with Robert James Stevelly.[207] Appoints residue viz £6000 to be paid to “my dau. Eliza Butler [208] and my two sons, the Rev. William Butler [209] and Eyre Butler Esq.”[210] Also bequeaths £2000 to said Eliza “out of my personal estate and fortune.” £50 each to daughters Jane Stoney and Maria Stevelly in discharge of all claims. “To my beloved wife Mary Butler als. Ievers” £200, with all house linen and furniture and all four-wheeled carriages and jaunting car, with carriage horses and harness, and all his plate to be used at a tea table, with the jointure of £400 heretofore provided. “To my eldest son Henry Butler Esq. all my plate and plated ware used or what belongs to a dinner-table.” To “my sister Eliza FitzGerald orse. Butler £250.[211] To “my brother Eyre Butler” £500. Residue to sons Rev. William Butler and Eyre Butler share and share alike. Appoints them and son Henry as exectuors.

Dated 28 July 1820. Prob. 19 Jan. 1821. (Prerog.).


William Butler, Bunnahow, Lands of Drumuna, Drumuna East, West Moher Turkanagh, Sleishmore, Iaskadee, Derrygariff and Craganure in Co. Clare, and Ballyturn, Gortlarkane and Cahirbroder in Co. Galway, to “my eldest son Walter Butler.” Lands of Knockmeal, Dromsellagh, Drumroom, Cappanafeast, Drumcore, Ballygannon East, Ballygannor West, in Co. Clare, and Upper and Lower Knocklawrence in Co. Galway, to “my second son William Butler.” Recites that at date of marriage settlement of his son William and Anne Blake-Forster,[212] testator was only seized of freehold for lives of lands of Bunnahow and Cahreeny, but since then has purchased reversion in fee which he devises to son William. Lands of Knocknegeaty, Lanaghtmore and Knockeneagh to sons Walter and William as joint tenants. Lands of Knocknean to “my daughter Mary Colpoys” for her life for her separate use. £200 to said Mary Colpoys and £50 per an. should she survive Anthony Colpoys.[213] One moiety of lands of Garlick Hill to his servant Bridget Power, remainder and other moiety to his reputed son Michael Butler. £100 in equal shares to his reputed children, Charlotte and Alicia Butler, on date of marriage “provided Cornelius O’Brien Esq. of Birchfield [214] give his consent in writing to such marriage.” Appoints John Colpoys of Ballycar and John O’Brien of City of Limerick [215] trustees and executors, and sons Walter and William as executors.
Dated 18 March 1822. Prob. with two codicils 5 August 1823. (Prerog.).


Rev. William Butler, Doon. To wife Anne Butler als. Molony all his property subject to certain bequests. Mentions his brothers Eyre Butler decd., and Henry of Castle Crine. “My nephew Charles Butler [216] second son of Henry Butler of Castle Crine” and his (Charles’) younger brother Henry [217] and sister Deborah. After decease of his wife “who I intend should have the life use of everything I possess or can leave her” his interest in his lease under the See of Killaloe of Sunnogh N. als. Abbeyview, Knockaveer, Drumbanduff, Drominagon & Doon “to my nephew and godson William Butler,[218] fourth son of my brother Henry.” To “my godson and nephew George William Maunsell £1000” after wife’s death, failing which to my sister Eliza Maunsell.” £500 to nephew Henry Butler remainder to his brother Charles; £500 to niece Deborah Butler, £500 to “my nephew and godson Edmond Molony, fourth son of James Molony of Kiltanon Esq.” Nephew William Butler residuary legatee. Appoints his wife sole executrix.
Dated 21 Feb. 1837. Prob. 19 Feb. 1839.


Michael Butler, Walterstown. Recites that lands of Caherbroda, Co. Galway, of which he was seized in fee, were lately sold in the Encumbered Estates Court on his application. Bequeaths £150 out of proceeds to his “sister Belinda Creagh [219] wife of Pierce Creagh B.L.,” £150 to his “sister Theresa Forster, wife of Robert Blake-Forster of Abbey Knockmoy,”[220] and residue to his mother. Recites that he is seized in fee of lands of Gurtlerkane, Co. Clare, and wills them to his brother Walter. Executor said brother Walter Butler, solicitor.
Dated 5 March 1851. Prob. 31 July 1851. (Prerog.).


William Butler, Bunnahow. Appoints Xaverius Henry Blake Butler of Thorn Park, Co. Galway,[221] his executor and trustee and leaves him £400 “in consideration of our long-tried friendship.” To daughter-in-law Ellen Butler als. Lambert the sum of £1000, “as a token of my regard for her and in consdierationof her kindness and attention to me for many years.” To “my grandson Lambert Peter Butler Esq. M.D.” £1000. To “my son Robert Butler, late Capt. of the 41st Regiment of Foot” £3000. The lands of Mahera in Barony of Tulla to “my great-grandson William Butler, junr.,[222] to be managed during his minority by the trustees of his mother’s marriage settlement.” The lands of Killenanagh in Barony Tulla to “my nephew Nicholas Butler of Walterstown, Co. Clare Esq.” charged with £2000 for which the lands are mortgaged. Appoints said Ellen Butler, Lambert Peter Butler and Robert Butler residuary legatees.
Dated 22 November 1871. Prob. 23 Dec. 1871 (Prerog.).


Appendix IX: Exchequer &
Chancery Bills (Miscellaneous)


Appendix XI:
Catholic Emancipation