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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall


Appendix XII: Reversal of Outlawries of Two Lords Dunboyne

1827 A.D.
Royal Warrant under the Sign Manual of H.M. King Goerge IV reversing the outlawries of the 14/4 and 15/5 Barons of Dunboyne on the Report of the Solicitor-General for Ireland (Rt. Hon. Henry Joy) dated 5 June 1827.
(Dunboyne MSS)

George R.

Right Trusted and entirely beloved Cousin and Councellor We greet you well.
Whereas James Butler, claiming to be Lord Baron Dunboyne of that part of Our United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland called Ireland, hath by this Petition humbly represented unto Us that James, the 4th Lord Baron Dunboyne, was indicted for High Treason, and was outlawed in the Co. of Kildare in the year 1642 and in the Co. of Cork in the same year; that in the Record of the said Outlawries there is manifest Error - that Pierce, 5th Lord Dunboyne, was indicted for High Treason and outlawed under the name Peter, Lord Dunboyne, in the Co. of the City of Dublin in the year 1691 and also in the Co. of Meath the same year, but that there is Error in fact in both the said Judgements of Outlawry against Pierce, Lord Baron Dunboyne, inasmuch as the said Pierce, Lord Baron Dunboyne, was dead before the pronouncing of the said Outlawries.

We, taking the premises into our Royal consideration, Our will and pleasure is, and we do hereby authorize you forthwith to give orders to Our Attorney or in his absence to Our Solicitor General or any other of Our Counsel learned in the law there, requiring him to fiat Writs of Error for the examination of the Records and Process of the Outhlawries aforesaid, and to confess the Errors therein and to consent to the Reversal thereof, and for so doing this shall be as well unto you as to all other Our officers said Ministers there Whom it may concern a Sufficient Warrant; and so we bid you heartily farewell.

Given at our Court at Windsor the 26th day of October 1827 in the 8th year of Our Reign.
                  By His Majesty’s Command


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