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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall


Appendix III: Fiants, Commissions & Queen’s Letters


Inquisition taken at Clonmel on 24 Aug. 1536 found that on 5 Aug. 1524 James Butler, Baron of Dunboyne, executed a settlement whereby his second son, Peter was to inherit at his death the lands of Drangan, Grellagh, Magowry, Clonyn, Liskevine, Parkestown and Ballygallward near the Abbey of Holy Cross, and his third son, Thomas, the manor of Boytonrath and lands in Cashel. (Cal. Pat. Rolls Ire. Hen. VIII - Eliz. Vol. I).


Inquisition taken at Dunboyne on Thursday next after the Feast of St. Martinmas 1536, found that James Butler, late Baron of Dunboyne, died on the 8th January in the 25th year of Hen. VIII 1533 seized of estates in the counties of Meath, Tipperary and Kilkenny; that Edmond was his eldest, Peter his second and Thomas his third son, and that at the taking of the Inquisition they were all minors. (ibid.)


15 July 1561. Commission to Luke Dillon of Ballyfermot and Edward Fitzsimmons of Dublin, to enquire concerning extortions and injuries committed by Piers Butler upon the Baron of Dunboyne in the Co. Tipperary. (Patent and Glose Rolls Ghanc. Ire., 4 Elie membrane 11 No 49).


Commission dated 13 April 1563 to Piers Butler of Grallagh to be Justice Commissioner and Keeper of the Peace in the County of Tipperary during the absence of the Lord Lieutenant.

To maintain the peace and to take musters and arrays of the inhabitants. To cess them for the defence of the county and place them where they may be needed. To punish the disobedient with fine and imprisonment and do all other things needed for good rule. To treat with enemies and rebels and make terms to be effective during the continuance of this Commission. To raise the inhabitants, to resist and punish enemies and rebels and in such case to elect one or two of their (the Comissioners’) number to be General of the forces in the field. The Commission to terminate on return of the Lord Lieutenant from the North (Cal. Pipe Rolls pp. 476-7 arts. 27-36).


The Queen’s Letter from Richmond, 24 Sept. 1566 to the Ld Deputy and Ld Chancellor (extract).

Not to suffer advantage to be take against Piers Butler of his recognisance to deliver up certain lands to his brother the Lord Dunboyne. (Cal. S.P. Ire. 1569-73).


Queen’s Letter of 11 June 1567 to the Lord Deputy. Approval of his diligence in the western journey and of the apprehension of the Earl of Desmond and the baron of Dunboyne. The present occasion to be taken to grant the gentlemen of those parts their estates immediately from the Queen. The Queen mislikes the querulous expressions of Sidney’s letters and blames his choice of Sentledger as a very partial President of Munster, the slackness in arresting the Earl of Desmond, and the arraignment of Piers Butler (Cal. S.P.Ire. Eliz. 1509-73 vol. XXI p.335).


20 July 1578. Grant under Queen’s Letter 22 May 1577 to Cormac Mac Tiege MacCarthy of Blarnie Knt.[163]

The whole of the Country of Muskerry ……being in the Queen’s hands by virtue of his surrender dated 8 Sept. 1577 to hold for life, remainder to Lucas Dillon of Moymet Knt. Piers Butler of Grallagh, Co. Tipperary, and Edmond Butler of Callan, Co. Kilkenny, heirs etc. the use of the will of said Cormac. To hold by service of one Knight’s fee. Rent 2 hawks or £6.13.4. Saving to all subjects of the English nation their rights by Englsih law and not by Irish tenure (Fiant Eliz. No. 3373).


14 Aug 1637. Inquisition at Clonmell on 14 Aug. 1637, found that Edmond Butler of Boytonrath in Co. Tipperary and James Butler of same in said county were seised of the castle, town and lands of Boytonrath in said county and, being so seised, on 24 July 1626 enfeoffed Tibbott Butler of Ruskagh, Richard Keating of Moorestown, John Butler of Derryclooney, and Thomas Butler of Drangan and their heirs, to use the Edmond Butler, jr., son and heir of James Butler, and the use of Edmond Butler, grandson of aforesaid Edmond and son of James Butler. Held from the King for military service. (Cal. No.355 Vol. III p.130 P.R.O.).


Appendix II: Attainder
of James Butler of Grallagh


Appendix IV:
Fines and Pardons