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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall


Appendix IV: Fines and Pardons


Inquisition taken at Cashell before the King’s Commissioners at the instance of the Portreeve and Commons of Cashel, found that certain trespasses had been committed upon the Commons’ estate by certain gentlemen of the neighbourhood. A fine of £10 was imposed on each of them. Among those fined was "Peter Butler of the Grello." (Inquisition 33 Hen. VIII 1541).


No. 872 (674). Pardon to Peter of Grellagh, Co. Tipp., gent, James Butler and John Butler his sons, Jno Stabold of Thurlesbeg in same Co., gent, and Jordan Comyn, kerne. 31 May 1566. (Fiants Eliz. II Rep. D.K.R. Ir.pp 126-7).


No. 31 Edward VI. Pardon to Sir Edmond Butler, Baron of Dunboyne, and Peter Butler of Grelaghe, his brother. (Pat. Roll Edw. VI Membrane 8 Fiants 176).


No. 1297. Pardon to Peter Butler of Grallagh, Co. Tipp., John Butler and Richard Butler his sons, of same, gents; provided that within six months he (Peter) appears before the Commissioners of his county and gives security to keep the peace and answer at Sessions if called upon. 4 March 1568/9 (Fiants Eliz).


No. 2282. Pardon to Richard Butler fitz Piers of Grealagh, gent; Tibold ower Butler fitz Piers of the same, gent; Margaret ni Mulrian [164] wife (widow) of John Butler fitz Piers; Peter Power of Gralagh, yeoman; Richard Butler fitz Pierce fitz John. Fine; one fat cow each. May 1573. (ibid.)


No. 6495. Pardon to Edmond Butler fitz James of Boytonrath, Co. Tipp. 11 April 1601. (ibid.)


No. 6538. Pardon to Joan ni Fitzgerald of Boytonrath, wife of Tibbot Butler 29 May 1601. (ibid)


Appendix III: Fiants,
Commissions & Queen’s Letters


Appendix V:
Survey of Ireland, 1574